Qwant, the French search engine wants to accelerate its development

“It accelerates. “The formula used by Eric Léandri to describe the manner in which it manages its affairs could apply to the manner in which it conducts its visits. Thursday, June 14, while he was visiting new parisian premises of Qwant, the company he heads, it is at the charge he guided Bruno Le Maire, the minister of the economy, and Mounir Mahjoubi, the secretary of State to digital, through the floors of this building in the 16th arrondissement. And at the same pace that it has announced the innovations that Qwant wants to launch in the coming months.

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Thirty minutes later, you could wonder how Qwant is the name. Should we still be speaking of search engine for a company that is betting on projects in medical imaging, online payment system, prevention of forest fires or augmented reality applied to sports ?

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