Qantas will overhaul the cabins of the Airbus A380

According to our information, Qantas will announce Friday a program of redevelopment within its fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft. The australian company, which today operates 12 super-jumbos, has decided to invest in the A380 (that she owns), even if she shifted several times the delivery of 8 aircraft remaining in its order passed in the years 2000. The investment is bound to result.

Expensive investment

Several years ago, when Air France spoke for the first time the redevelopment of its 10 A380s, the figure of 150 to 200 million euros was raised by the management. Among the companies that are customers of the A380, the French company also plans to redevelop its A380, but continues to delay the launch of the project.

Far to compensate for the lack of orders for years, this trusted brand of Qantas, however, is a positive sign for Airbus.

Flights of 20 hours

Furthermore, according to Reuters, the company is expected to announce the launch of the flights of a duration of 20 hours from 2022, which would allow him to fly Sydney to Europe non-stop. Such routes, which would pass through the polar route, would be the longest ever seen in commercial aviation. Today, the passengers of Qantas travelling from Australia to Europe pass through Dubai, the hub for Emirates, the strategic partner of the australian company.

Moreover, Singapore Airlines was delivered in June to the German fund Dr. Peters Group, the first A380 was put into service in the fall of 2007, rather than extend the contract.

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