Project of the constitutional law : “A reform is before us : let’s embrace “

Forum. The draft constitutional law was presented in may by the government and is currently the subject of a review by the commissions of the national Assembly. Such a reform project, said the vision of a president of the Republic on the grand challenges on economic, social and environmental of its time. It is also an opportunity to conduct an in-depth reflection on the distribution of power and its exercise in our society.

Our associations, NGOS and trade unions act to enshrine in law reforms that advance the protection of human rights, the environment and social justice. We deeply believe that it is the public power to advance these rights and to be the guarantor of the general interest which is at the heart of our fights.

But, in recent years, many of the reforms advocated by members of parliament to persevere, supported by our organizations, and often by a majority of citizens, have been censored by the constitutional Council in the name of a design higher and wider rights and freedoms of businesses.

This is the fight against tax evasion, land grabbing, the fight against climate change or even the redundancies fellows, both measures and laws pioneers who were not able to see the light of day because members of the constitutional Council have decided to oppose them on the grounds of freedom of enterprise, right to property, proportionality of sentences, intelligibility of the law, privacy, or equality before the tax.

Tax Evasion

The fight against tax evasion is particularly symptomatic of this problem. Since 2013, no less than sixteen measures adopted in the Parliament have been censored by the constitutional Council for a variety of reasons.

One of the latest examples : the censorship of the reporting country-by-country public in the law Fir 2, a measure of fiscal transparency that would have…

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