Prodways Group, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, opens up new horizons for the printed shoes…

Prodways Group, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, announces the success of the commercial development of its portfolio of solutions for the footwear industry.

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While the manufacturers of sport shoes seek to accelerate the launch of new products, to create shoes more flexible and deliver increased performance to their clients, the solutions of 3D printing’s unique Prodways Group open new horizons to the industrial production of printed shoes to 3D.

In recent years, Prodways Group has developed materials and 3D technologies proven to accelerate the manufacturing of bottoms, intermediate, and interior. These solutions offer better performance, the ability to achieve complex textures as well as a design and properties of textile custom in presenting a competitive alternative to the process of manufacturing traditional.

Improve the performance of the soles interim sports shoes with TPU material

Resolutely turned towards innovation, Prodways Group has developed a material that is elastomeric technology, which has already convinced many leaders in the industry of sports shoe such as Nike.

Designed for use with 3D printers to laser sintering, the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) of Prodways Group is distinguished by its capacity of elongation at break outstanding of more than 300 %. This material allows you to print the inserts intermediate, ultra-flexible, more resistant to wear and tear, while eliminating the time and cost of machining. This process also allows a high degree of precision structures reticular unattainable with traditional manufacturing methods. The soles intermediate athletic shoes are more lightweight and efficient.

Harleigh Doremus, Nike Rapid Prototyping commented : “The TPU Prodways Group has been an excellent complement to our developments in rapid prototyping. The ease of use of this material allowed us to produce parts quickly flexible, high-quality, which is a key element to accelerate the launch of new Nike products.”

While the traditional techniques of casting have limited the ability to adjust the properties of the midsole, the hardness (Shore A) of the TPU of Prodways Group can be adjusted according to energy intake. This innovation brings a varying density for each area of the midsole, and a better performance to better meet the needs of each sport or athlete.

In addition, Prodways Group offers a wide range of printers sintering of powder top of the range equipped with the best capabilities of their sector. All of these solutions in 3D printing have transformed the prototyping and fabrication in series of limited soles intermediaries to reach a stage of commercial development.

Thanks to its unique range of materials and 3D printer, Prodways Group provides to the footwear industry and sport of 3D technologies relevant to the distinctive essential to accelerate the launch of new products while eliminating the time and cost associated with machining traditional.

Transform the manufacture of outer soles to provide better productivity and cost savings to the industrialists of the athletic shoe

The main manufacturers of the sports shoe market each year, hundreds of new models. Each model requires several tens of metallic moulds corresponding to each size of shoe. The exclusive technology MOVINGLight® Prodways Group combined with a specific material owner is the only 3D printing technology that allows fast printing of molds, composites resistant to inject or compress a series of bottoms with the customized designs and complex textures.

While the traditional processes of machining of metal molds are expensive and slow, the unique combination of high resolution and high productivity offered by MOVINGLight® allows you to print moulds ready to production in a few hours. Thanks to this unique technology, Prodways Group accelerates the cycles of introduction of new products on the market, offers economies of costs, while enabling new designs for a higher performance of outer soles.

Series Production of insoles custom

Prodways Group has developed an application using 3D printing dedicated to measure insoles. Launched on the market in January 2017, ScientiFeet offers podiatrists and professional shoe with an integrated solution, since the making of the fingerprint scanner until the 3D printing of the final product. Once production is complete, the insoles are delivered to the office of the practitioner, which in turn provides to patients.

“To be able to 3D print insoles custom to relieve a specific pain-changer for the orthopedic applications. The insoles printed in 3D are lighter and provide better accuracy in order to provide a customized treatment to each patient “, explains Cyrille Pailleret, Director-General of ScientiFeet.

They are orthopaedic, in response to a health problem, for comfort or to enhance athletic performance, the insoles today represent a growing global market. More than 5 000 pairs of soles ScientiFeet have already been printed to this day.


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About Groupe Gorgé

Established in 1990, Group Gorgé is an independent group present in the high-technology industries. The Group is today active in the fields of security and protection in extreme environments as well as in the sector of 3D printing. During more than 25 years of history, Groupe Gorgé has always been able to develop and be an actor of technological innovation and industrial life of his time.

Intelligent systems Safety :

Develop innovative technological solutions and full for complex missions in hostile environments or forced.

Protection of the Facilities at your own Risk :

Protect the men and to ensure active and passive protection facilities to the energy markets and on the industrial sectors and the tertiary sector in France. Ensure the maintenance of these protection systems.

3D printing :

Accompany the large industrial players in their innovations and production processes by providing systems, 3D printers and new materials premium.

The Group achieved a turnover of 281,2 Million euros in 2016. It is based on 1 800 employees and a presence in nearly 10 countries.

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Groupe Gorgé is listed on Euronext Paris and on the american market OTC in the form of ADRS.

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