Productivity growth in Sweden and abroad have fallen after the financial crisis.

Productivity growth in Sweden and abroad have fallen after the financial crisis, but Sweden is in Europatoppen when it comes to productivity in the manufacturing sector.

It said the national institute of economic research forecast manager Ylva Hedén Westerdahl at a press briefing on Tuesday where she presented the institute’s new lönebildningsrapport.

”After the financial crisis, productivity growth in Sweden weakened, which is an international trend. ”, she said.

KI sees several possible explanations for this: declining impact of investment in information and communication technology, investments which in the past increased productivity growth in the 1990s, is an explanation.

Another is that a long period of recession, which increased uncertainty and the scored companies to invest less. In addition, there has been low growth in the technologically most advanced countries like the united states.

Ylva Hedén Westerdahl noted that Sweden is among the countries that have high productivity, but not the very highest. Sweden is located in united states, Norway, Denmark and Germany, but over Europasnittet.

In the manufacturing, telecom and finance, however, is Sweden in Europe-the top, but are far from produktivitetsfronten in, inter alia, hotel and restaurant and wholesale trade. The data set is, however, quite uncertain, for the service industries.

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