Prayer to defend the struggle of the classes

“What progress the lobbyists employers are-they become advocates ? “says the lawyer, Marie-Laure Dufresne-Castets in his essay. The one who claims to be a “service employee” do’s displeasure is most ardent against the transformation of law ” as an instrument of power… of the dominant part “. Through the social conflict iconic that it has experienced from the inside – Moulinex, Continental, the general strike of 2009 in the Caribbean, Renault, and the case Saft – Me Dufresne-Castets described ” the mechanisms of domination at work in the employment relationship “.

His book is an invitation to struggle, in particular the strike, the most effective instrument known to this day, she said. It allows, on the one hand, of social progress ; on the other hand, some awareness, as in 2009, during the general strike in the Antilles. “The class struggle is not a formula, old-fashioned,” says the author. “It could happen, if the economic conditions continue to tighten, that will return the reflexes of the struggle. “It stresses the need to continue to fight based on the law and its rituals, because” the symbolism is used to reverse violence.” Ritualization helps to lay bare the reality of violence in the workplace, to establish the link between a particular story and the confrontation of two worlds in conflict. It creates a resonating chamber to the topic.

“Demolition company “social

Marie-Laure Dufresne-Castets critical developments in the law over the past ten years, on a tone of activist assumed. “There is a genuine demolition company social benefits,” she says. And denounce, in the texts of the law El Khomri and ordinances Macron, a philosophy which “is to remove any obstacle to the control of the shareholders on the business” and…

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