Plan-plan, the Millenials kiffent first of the safe investments for their savings

Really cushy, our young people. It is the fear Tanguy. They are expected to be ultra-geek, fond of thrills and completely refractory to the codes of the past… We discover extremely cautious in their way to put their savings. This is one of the surprises of the study published Tuesday morning in the framework of the 20th salon Actionaria investment in the company, in partnership with Air Liquide. The organizers, sponsors of the survey with Air Liquide, can reassure themselves : when it comes to investing their savings, the millénials play safe values of the rating, and even a bit more than their elders, Xennials (34 to 40). Thus, if 80 % of them (78 % for the Xennials) want or have already invested in the business, few are willing to take risks in exchange of a promise of high profitability (6 %). And when they play the stock market, they are betting instead on the heavy weight of the Cac 40 (16 %) than on a Gafa or a start-up (12 % each). SMES, potential nuggets in the making, will collect only 9 % of the vote.

Of the young people concerned…for their retirement!

All start-uppers, so… except when it comes to break his piggy bank. The fault of the customer advisers and the parents, early prescribers of Millénials for their investments (respectively 23 % and 11 %, in front of the media at 7 %)? Not only that. “This caution first translates the state of mind of these young, globally worried about their future, and even their retirement, analysis Olivier Cenille, the commercial director of the Institute BtoB Intelligence (groupe Infopro Digital), which conducted the survey. To bet on products with less risk, it is their way of preparing for tomorrow. “Sign that does not deceive, 69 % of millenials say they put money aside every month. And 78 % of these young people already have a booklet (Booklet A, Booklet young, LDD and other), 40 % have an account or savings plan, housing and even 31 %… a life insurance contract ! A trend that supported a recent study by OpinionWay among 25-34 year-olds, indicating that 12% of Millenials had the gold (bullion, coins, shares in mines…) against 8% for the whole population. “The Millénials are reluctant to invest heavily in the shares by ignorance or lack of information for 39 % of them,” continues Olivier Cenille. But also by fear of seeing their money blocked in case of need, to buy a home, make a great journey… “Not a question of being “stuck” with the titles that are likely to play the roller coaster on the stock exchange…

Addicted to crowdfunding

A bit of craziness (still!) : our millénials kiffent crowdfunding – 26 % of them have already invested in. “Normal, pointe Olivier Cenille, because crowdfunding takes all their codes : the notion of community, the operating mode is digital, the massive use of social networks… “. Of what to encourage the tenors of the Cac 40 to review their communication in the direction of the public. Thus, last year, EDF was a partner at the Actionaria trade show, with a whole battery of initiatives in the direction of Millénials, including the sponsorship of games on the financing of businesses…. For its part, the Société Générale had set on a course of initiation to the stock exchange for young assets. Since the spring, the bank is also combined with the chatbot messenger of the start-up Jam, on Facebook, in order to better understand – and dredging – this population which is bathed from the cradle in the digital, sustainable development, and commitment.

This week, Actionaria, this is Air Liquid, which worked. Stand dedicated to information on the energy transition ; speed meetings with advisors to recruit new shareholders, contest on the app augmented reality, animation, photobooth, and sessions of Facebook live in order to better understand the role of the shareholder… The industrial – which has 33 % of its capital in the hands of individual shareholders – is definitely fire wood. The group also takes regularly his pilgrim’s staff, to dredge the high school and students of high schools and universities. “The big groups know it, they are in need of Millénials, said Blandine Fischer, commissioner-general of Actionaria. Because these young investors will be shareholders with a stable tomorrow. “

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