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La Louvière (Belgium) on 20 June 2017, 18h – Pharmasimple (ISIN Code: BE0974302342, Mnémo : MLPHA), a major player in the drugstore online France and the Benelux countries, announced on the occasion of its seventh anniversary, the launch of the brands “Simply+” specialized in the food supplements and “Simplessence” dedicated to the aromatherapy products.

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These two new brands will allow Pharmasimple to offer to all its customers, quality products at competitive prices, while contributing positively to the margins of society thanks to the integration of the value chain.

These new product lines will expand and animate the supply of Pharmasimple which is already among the largest available on the market with more than 120 000 references.


With his trademark ” Simply+ “, Pharmasimple will be launched at the end of June 2017, six supplements major around slimming, vitality, articulation, anti-oxidants and detoxifiers, themes most-sought after by consumers.

Pharmasimple is fixed as a goal in a horizon of 12 months to expand to 30 additional references on his offer .


The brand of aromatherapy “Simplessence” Pharmasimple will be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2017.
It will be composed of some sixty references to essential oils and vegetable oils all certified and certified 100% organic and natural.

“The creation of our first own-label brands represents a major milestone for our development. In addition to optimizing our margins and increase our sales, this strategic decision allows us to better meet the expectations of our clientele, and ultimately to offer them an additional product of high quality at the best price,” says Michael Willems, Ceo of Pharmasimple.

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About Pharmasimple : co-Founded in 2010 and located near Brussels, Pharmasimple is one of the drugstores and on-line major in France. Offering the broadest offer with 120 000 references, the company develops a management Big Data focused on the recurrence of sales of high profitability. Strong of its growth, its critical size, and the pharmaceutical expertise of its founding directors, Pharmasimple aims to become one of the leaders of its sector in France and in Europe.
The titles of PHARMASIMPLE are inscribed on the Free Market of EURONEXT PARIS. ISIN Code: BE0974302342. Mnemonic: MLPHA

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