Personal data : Continental blocks the access of its employees to WhatsApp and Snapchat

At Continental, we cannot chat on WhatsApp with their phone service. Even less send pictures and videos on Snapchat. The automotive supplier in germany has in fact banned until further notice access to these two applications, 36 000 employees equipped with a mobile phone company. Nothing to do with a measure to improve the productivity of the employees too distracted by instant messaging. The group was concerned about, rather, the protection of personal data, considered to be insufficiently guaranteed by these services… It is at the same time offers a nice shot of publicity.

WhatsApp and Snapchat “access to personal data and, therefore, potentially confidential, such as the address book entries, which are data of third parties,” said Continental in a statement on Tuesday 5 June. The group stresses that these applications do not allow limitations on access to the information contained in the address book, the responsibility of complying with the general regulation on data protection (RGPD), which comes into force in the european Union is left to the user. As a result, he refuses to bear the risk of violating the law.

An attack that is not disinterested

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