ORCLASS.COM : Accelerating the online strategy

Launch of www.rachat-or.com and www.venteor.fr

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A strong leverage effect expected on the profitability
OrClass.com as a major actor of the repurchase of gold by the Internet in France, announces the launch of its offensive strategy on the online channel in a sector that is at the edge of its transformation to a digital one, with all its potential for high added value.

After having streamlined in 2016, its network of agencies physical to reduced profitability, OrClass.com now focusing on the development of the online channel, with sales of redemption of gold online to individuals have increased by 26% in 2015 to represent 35% of total sales. This development validates the quality of the process of redemption of gold’OrClass.com with the special process, unique, and transparent, done systematically the subject of an estimate, filmed and instantly sent to the client, with a rate of acceptance of the offer of 98 %.

This process, unique in the sector, the redemption of gold, allow OrClass.com to have to this day a base of highly qualified customers to over 16, 000 contacts.

The offensive strategy on the sales on-line includes the launch at the end of July of two new commercial sites www.rachat-or.com and www.venteor.fr. In case of commercial success, the company will progressively more than 70 other domain names protected, which will intensify the search engine optimization to appear in the first actors on the search engines.

The acceleration of the web strategy, whose objective is to reach 100% of the sales in January 2018, should allow to OrClass.com to generate, year after year, a pace that is progressive and profitable.

In addition, the company is still in the process of negotiations with gold mines to open up new channels of gold supply.

Communication calendar

After approving the accounts for 2015 at the agm on Thursday 30 march 2017, OrClass.com announced that it will hold the general assembly approval of its accounts 2016 Friday 29 September 2017.

ISIN FR0012859916

Mnemonic MLORC


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