Orange continues to roll out its network LoRa® for a national coverage in France

On the occasion of the salon Viva Technology, Orange ad :

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– the continued deployments of the Orange network very low power consumption dedicated to the Internet of things based on the technology of the Lor® with the goal of national coverage in metropolitan France by the end of the year,
– initial testing of the roaming normalized by the LoRa Alliance™ which will complement the ability of the operator to deploy a solution LoRaWAN™ end-to-end the international,
– more than 100 client companies have chosen the connectivity LoRaWAN™ with the offer Datavenue, Orange Business Services.

The network of Orange based on the technology of LoRa®, today covers nearly 4 000 municipalities or industrial sites, with connectivity qualitative inside buildings and in basements. Orange deploys its network where it is important for its business customers. To accompany their projects IoT, the operator continues to roll in adapting to their needs with a view to national coverage by the end of 2017.

Orange is preparing to test by December for the interconnection of its network LoRa® with that of another european operator in the framework of the LoRa Alliance™ and standardization work on roaming networks LoRaWAN™. This roaming standard will complement the end to end solution from Orange Business Services international targeted coverage in the cities, ports and industrial sites announced at the Mobile World Congress in February 2017.
More than 100 customers of Orange Business Services, have already chosen the solution of connectivity LoRaWAN™ in various business sectors, territories, smart, smart home, health, industry and agriculture, for a wide range of applications such as smart buildings, the parking lots are connected, the follow-up of patients in the home, the supply chain or location.

In order to support companies in their projects IoT end-to-end in France and internationally, Orange Business Services offers a selection of objects (objects that are connected, modems, gateways, starter kits, modules) tested and certified. Among these, the Laura® Explorer Kit Orange, a complete development kit to prototype connected objects in LoRaWAN™ and test the projects and services on the network LoRa® Orange in France. The IoT Device Catalogue is regularly enriched and contains 75 objects at the end of June.

Round Table on Internet of things and open innovation, on the 16th of June, at Viva Technology

Patrice Slupowski, Vice President Digital Innovation of Orange, Johan Pauvert, CEO of Microchip, and Luc Jarry, Information Officer at NeXXtep Technologies, will be speaking on this subject at a round table organized on the stand of Orange at Viva Technology, the Porte de Versailles in Paris, 16 June, from 12 noon to 12.45 pm.

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