Only until Monday can I pay for my old 2000 and 5000 forintost with

Only until Monday can I pay for my old 2000 and 5000 forintost with, because at the end of July the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) to subtract them from the market, August first from just the new banknotes can be used for payments.

The banknotes of the coating after also free of charge, you can redeem the same denomination is legal tender for all bank and postal accounts in three years, the central bank and twenty years.

The MNB according to the recent years introduced bills are durable and modern. The new 2000 and 5000 forints paper money are also the most advanced technical characteristics.

Pataki Tibor cash logistics director said earlier: the bill of exchange of the wear and tear and the technical development is equally justified. The paper money handling machines because of the need for technical modernisation, he added.

The MNB’s two-step, introduced the new money: first regulation on legal tender, and 4-6 month break after being placed on the market, so that the machine operators have time to adjust to the device, the bills you receive.

In hungary, at the same time, approximately 450 million banknotes in circulation 4300 billion huf, the central bank annually 40-60 tons of cash to replace.

The money involved never one hundred percent, a lot of the tourists do as a souvenir, others forgotten bills their. The bank of england to the present day in exchange even in the nineties withdrawn banknotes. The Hungarian Time of the day in the reserve received from citing the information, he wrote to tens of millions of pieces, billions of dollars worth of the extract for paper money there is still the population in the hands of.

The huf banknotes-related changes, and the coated currency as the conversion information about the MNB’s website of Bills and coins page for more up to date, detailed information available to the MNB.

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