Online and in store, young people love luxury

Push the door of a store of luxury not intimidating in any way. Quite to the contrary. Everywhere in the world, the millennials, those consumers aged between 18 and 34 years of age, fond of luxury products. Start with the items at the smallest price, type sunglasses strap, pockets logotées and other t-shirts bearing the brands iconic. The global market benefits from it to the full. “By 2017, [it] reached the record level of € 262 billion,” revealed the sixteenth edition of the annual study of the consulting firm Bain & Company, published on Wednesday 25 October.

This is more than had been originally planned, the consulting firm. In may, Bain & Company forecast sales of fashion, perfumery and jewelry store located in the range of 254 to 259 billion euros. Young consumers with deep pockets will have indeed contributed to the recovery of this sector is a victim of the reflux of the consumption of the Chinese people since the 2015 ; nearly 85 % of the growth in the industry would, according to Bain & Company.

Because, everywhere in the world, this generation “has discovered the luxury, thanks to the Web, to the Internet sites of brands, blogs and social networks,” says Thomas Chauvet, director general of studies in the law firm financial analysis Citi in London. Their knowledge is perfect. They know everything : the names of the models, the history of the brand and the price of the products. At which point, in the store, they are ” demanding “, reports Françoise Hernaez-Fourrier, director of strategic planning at Ipsos.

Connoisseurs, demanding

It would be better so that vendors can receive and adapt to their ceremony. Because, accustomed to the publications on Instagram and Facebook, these young people know exactly what they are looking in the shop but hope to live ” an experience “, finding sellers, “caring” and ” technological equipment “…

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