One hundred patrons commit to a ” necessary ecological transition “

Forum. We are entrepreneurs but also citizens.

We have heard the call of fifteen thousand scientists who urge us to change the way to fight effectively against climate change and loss of biodiversity on the Earth.

We are aware that a planetary solidarity is a moral imperative.

We are actors of the necessary ecological transition.

We transform every day our businesses to enable them to develop in such a way that our decisions today do mortgage not the future of life on Earth.

We know that we must accelerate.

We know that, on this subject, we will never be enough if it does not become as a priority of public policy.

And, at the same time, we know that there is no fatality.

The condition of the union. One that will mobilize the political will, the world of companies, associations and citizens.

The President of the Republic, Mister the Prime Minister, together we can go further, faster.

It has to be.

Together, let us commit ourselves to winning the battle for time.

To go faster in the field of energy transition.

To go faster in the implementation of a transportation plan carbon-free.

To go more quickly to safeguard biodiversity.

To go faster on the question of our food supply and our agricultural practices.

To go faster in the apprehension of environmental health issues.

France has everything to succeed in this transition.

France has everything it needs to lead the world in this transition.

France has every interest to become the champion of this transition.

This approach is intended to be constructive.

It concerns all of us. We, our customers, our employees and our children.


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