One and a half billion huf from developing csongrád-bokrosi operation of the Mars

Approximately one and a half billion huf investment is performed by the Mars pet food Manufacturer Ltd. Csongrád-Bokroson, the company’s new production lines installation, – has informed the undertaking MTI on Monday.

According to the announcement, due to the investment – grow the number of associates, so the Mars nine hundred people provides a livelihood in the region.

The supplier further new jobs in the development thread. The investment in the company’s matters in the region is located in a high level of engineering and construction expertise.

The Mars global family company of almost 35 billion dollars capital. The virginia mclean in the centre and the company has more than 80 countries, and employees number more than 85 thousand.

The Csongrád-Bokroson built pet food factory in more than eight hundred staff members. The factory annually 150 thousand tons of pet food exported to the world in 25 countries in Europe and around the world.

The company’s budapest, a commercial unit of more than one hundred employees.

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