On the menu : a discussion on the payment for days of strike at the SNCF, and risotto with morels

This is from someone in the rail sector. The address book is long as a freight train, and the man is also familiar with ministerial advisors, employees of the ballast or of the leaders of the SNCF. He has given appointment to a small group of journalists in the best venetian restaurant in Paris to exchange – “off the record” – on the news : the reform of the rail strike, the trade unions.

It is good, information just fall : in the dispute for several weeks to the trade union organizations, the SNCF has been sentenced, on Thursday, June 21, to pay for the days of rest of the strikers. The company, considering it as a unique movement of the eighteen episodes of the two-day strike scheduled between April and June against railway reform, intended to apply what it considers to be the usual rule : leave are not paid. But the justice did not hear of this ear. The SNCF announced as soon as it was appealing the decision.

The gelati and the addition

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