On the art market, America wins big at big lots

The record of 450 million dollars (366 million euros) for the Salvator Mundi attributed to Leonardo da Vinci has caused much ink to flow. But the art market rarely reaches such heights, far from it. According to the annual report published on Tuesday 10 April, by the Council of voluntary sales (CVV), the share of lots ” exceptional “, in excess of 10 million euros, remains marginal. The study, conducted by Harris Interactive there are 133 auction in 2017.

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The upswing of the art market, will benefit only a handful of actors

The art market is no less influenced by these locomotives. In 2017, the number of lots sold in excess of 10 million euro, increased by 46 %. Their contribution to the worldwide growth of 6.1 % last year – is significant : without these batches headlights, the global market would not have grown by only 0.9 %.

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