On Friday strengthened the forint

Strengthened the forint on Friday against key currencies in the interbank foreign exchange market. The huf in euro and in dollars this year, the strongest rate in the immediate vicinity of the swiss franc against the and new this year reached a record.

The euro in the early morning 305,61 huf after 304,66 huf was recorded that night at seven o’clock. The dollar is quoted at a 261,50 from huf 259,12 huf, the swiss frank 269,51 from huf 267,54 to huf decreased.

The swiss francs against on Friday to reach the exchange rate of the forint this year’s strongest subscription.

The swiss franc against the forint in the week since the beginning of more than three percent in the year since the beginning and nearly seven and a half percent growing. In April 294 huf of swiss francs-subscription near reached this year’s weakest exchange rate, compared to nine percent strengthened.

The swiss franc exchange rate will begin to approach the 2015 January 15 before the level, when the swiss central bank abolished the franc against the euro protected rate threshold. The swiss franc exchange rate, then a few minutes 265 from huf 310 huf.

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