Nuclear : the forge at le Creusot want to forget the fraud

“This factory has 200 years old and she has always been able to learn from his mistakes. “David Haguet, the director of the Creusot factory Framatome (ex-Areva), in the Saône-et-Loire, has a clear mission in mind : he wants to convince them that the time of cheats is finished. Here, the company, now a subsidiary of EDF manufactures key components for nuclear reactors. A forge titanic of a unique precision in the world, and whose abilities impressed the whole world. A factory that has sculpted to over 1 300 degrees, the key elements of the nuclear power plants in france during the last forty years.

It is in this same factory has played in one of the episodes of the most disturbing aspects of the nuclear industry in france : falsification of records on a large scale and manipulation of data on the components that came out of the forges of Creusot.

“We took the decision to suspend between 2015 and 2017. Malfunctions, we assume, ” says David Emond, vice-president of Framatome, head of the branch components. It is here that has been forged in the tank for the EPR at Flamanville, which included abnormalities reported in 2014 by the nuclear safety Authority (ASN). Here it was discovered by the result of fraudulent practices on the tests carried out in laboratories. Of cheats, which have forced a complete review of 2 million pages and 4,000 records back in time and check what reactors were concerned.

Framatome ensures that only three of the parts have really been a problem – but fails to specify that on the 42 reactors studied to date, several hundred issues of non-compliance have been identified by EDF. “We reviewed everything that we could recover on the French nuclear reactors from forty years,” said David Emond. A work of ant which must continue until the end of the year 2018.

It must be said that this plant does not manufacture…

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