Nuclear power : EDF response to the risk of the EPR

“The 74 billion debt… and with nuclear, this is not finished ! “On the headquarters of EDF, avenue de Wagram, in Paris, the gigantic banner of Greenpeace displays the color : you see the CEO of EDF, Jean-Bernard Lévy, with two fingers of honor to passers-by, under the heading” Thank you, Jean-Bernard “. This action fist of December 2016 will mark a new stage in the arguments of the opponents of nuclear power : it is no longer only to denounce the risks of an accident, but also the financial risk that is imposed on EDF.

NGOS are no longer alone in this field. In June, the then minister of EDF, Nicolas Hulot, has taken up the argument. “One of the reasons why EDF gets in trouble, it is, in particular, the nuclear industry, sorry to say, leads us in a drift. “In a clear allusion to the costly construction of Flamanville (Manche), he said :” You see that economically, there’s a kind of golden rule that is gaining traction in this sector, it is, in reality, one never takes our promises. “The minister takes a critical more common : not only the nuclear has become too expensive, but it would be a major strategic error to EDF.

A single EPR connected to the network in the world

However, the EPR reactor is at the heart of the strategy of the group. It is presented as the solution to the problem of climate change and as the promise of global leadership in a technology which is believed more than ever the leading operator of nuclear power in the world, which employs over 150 000 people. The EPR is in the process of flowing energy or is it a lifeline for her ?

For the moment, the way of the cross continues. In July, the construction site of Flamanville has experienced new challenges : after the announcement of problems of welding, management, EDF has had to resolve to announce the umpteenth delay of the…

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