Non-contact, mobile… the revolution in payments is on

More tickets out of his wallet, PIN codes, composing, tickets to buy at the machines or at the counters… Pay, will soon have never been so easy, so transparent, almost painless. “We are moving towards a world without seams,” says an expert of the payment, because the industry is changing with one goal : to abolish the checkout.

The success of contactless payment in France marks the first act of this great upheaval. The gesture of putting his card in the terminal the trader has been quickly adopted : “40 % of purchases [by credit card] for less than 20 euro are now made in the mode without contact,” underlines the director general of the Groupement des cartes bancaires CB, Philippe Laulanie. Extended in October to payments of up to 30 euros, the non-contact is expected to continue its exponential growth.

This new habit, a priori trivial, it will produce two collateral effects. Individuals are gradually losing the reflex to pay in cash. And this while the French are already among the Europeans who use the least cash, according to a study published in November by the european central Bank. Then, consumers will be able to reproduce now more easily this new gesture by drawing their smartphone to pay for their purchases in-store. Paying with a mobile is still anecdotal : the number of transactions in 2017 is estimated to be over 1 million, when, in total, $ 11 billion of payments are made by the French with their credit card (in 2016). But the curve is upward. “The mobile will be at the centre of the revolution of payments “, summarizes the director of the payments to Société générale, Philippe Marquetty.

The bank is also committed to reach an agreement with Apple to offer the mobile payment service Apple Pay to its customers, in line…

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