NIRYO One, the little robot that is going to revolutionize industrial robotics !

At the ISEN Lille, the students in the domain of Mobile Robotics have the opportunity to work on projects mode startup in 5th year and thereby acquire all the skills necessary for a career as an engineer in robotics This training triggers to entrepreneurial vocations ! This is particularly the case of two graduates, Marc-Henri Frouin and Edouard Renard, who come to finalize the creation of Niryo One. This small robot, designed and developed in open source, is accessible to all : individuals, schools, companies… And he intends to revolutionize the world of robotics !

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New issues on an already carrier
The field of robotics manipulative is now well represented in France, notably through the development of complex robots, and towering, destined to the manufacturing industry. And the market does not stop there : the collaboration between man and robot has not stopped developing and they begin to miniaturize, in order to respond to new needs. In fact, more accessible and more mobile, they allow you to equip the schools and train the engineers of tomorrow. It is in this context that, for example, is born Niryo One.

For several years now, the students of the ISEN Lille have the opportunity to implement a project related with robotics and robotic systems. Their classes stop and students are structured mode startup, in order to go up in skills, both from a technical point of view that in terms of project management. Surrounded by a teaching team and coached by an industrial stakeholder, the students work on a large-scale project proposed by companies while having the opportunity to err and learn from their mistakes. Last year, for example, the students rose to the challenge proposed by Dagoma and created an exoskeleton for the upper limb at a low cost and open to all, referred to as Print’Hand and aimed at the people who have lost all or part of the mobility of their hand.

Niryo, the robot accessible to all
And this training triggers vocations ! Marc-Henri Frouin, motivated by the success of this project, has chosen to benefit from the support programme for the school, which offers the possibility to be hosted for two years after his graduation, in order to develop a project. With Edward Fox, majored in computer science and business project, it is the great challenge of democratizing the industrial robot, in order to allow everyone to own such a robot at home.

It is as well as Niryo One sees the light of day. Composed of two electronic cards are developed in open source and a micro-computer, this small robot, using its arm 6-axis, can lift small loads such as a water bottle. The all, to 1, 000 euros, against 50 000 for a real industrial robot !

Accessible to all, Niryo One is programmable according to three levels of difficulty :

– very simply, by manipulating the hand and recording of the sequences it will then be able to repeat,
– scheduling via a learning mode on tablet or mobile, in a playful way, without going into details too much on the technical code,
– in the encoding of A to Z thanks to the open source, as a professional.

“Niryo One is born of the simple observation that the industrial robots are still too expensive and too difficult to use for most individuals or small businesses,” explain the graduates. By combining their skills and areas of expertise, Marc-Henri and Edouard realized that there was a real demand around 3D printing and the use of industrial robots for individuals. “Niryo One will therefore be able to be used by individuals, in a fun way, by schools in the context of robotic training and programming, or by companies. Thanks to Niryo One, they can indeed automate many of the “small tasks” on their chain of production, such as canning, moving boxes… “.

The first bots available in the end of the year

To get financing, Marc-Henri and Edouard have chosen to sell Niryo One on pre-order via a kickstarter campaign.

The target of 20 000€ was quickly exceeded, and the sum of€ 80,000 is reached ! Approximately 120 robots will be delivered. In order to reinforce the playful aspect, 3 modes of purchase are available :

– In kit with all the parts, to assemble yourself
– Kit to print via a 3D printer personal, and thus realize a robotic project from A to Z
– Already assembled

The Niryo Team hopes to sell 200 bots in total by Christmas. And for 2018, the target is set to 600 robots ! It is already-and-already possible to order Niryo One here.

“We are proud to see our students grow and be able to respond to real issues. It is awesome to see appear on the market robot manipulators at a lower price, transportable, and which do not require any security ! “notes Annemarie Kokosy, Head of the team from the Robotics ISEN Lille.

About Yncréa Hauts-de-France
The three major schools of engineer HEI, ISA Lille and ISEN Lille are grouped into a single association, called Yncréa Hauts-de-France. It thus constitutes one of the first centres of higher education associations private European non-profit. In addition to the activities of each school preserves and develops its brand and its diplomas, Yncréa Hauts-de-France enables you to drive – for students and for companies – collective projects, in particular around innovation and transdisciplinarity.

The membership of the federation Yncréa at the national level also fosters relationships with engineering schools ISEN Brest and ISEN Toulon.

Key figures Yncréa Hauts-de-France : 4 000 students 25 000 graduates / 3 engineering degrees / 400 permanent staff / 23 research laboratories (4 of which are with the CNRS).

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