Next Stop validates the model and raises 1 million euros with SIDE Capital.

Next Stop continues its climb. The start-up, which brings travellers and specialists of the destination, has completed a round of one million euros from the prestigious investment fund SIDE Capital, supported by successful entrepreneurs such as the founders of BlaBlaCar, Nordstrom or Ametix. This fundraising marks the success of a single model, who surfs on trends of tourism, and will enable the young shoot to accelerate its development in France…before the aim of the international.

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Next Stop, a model that has proven

Next Stop sees the light of day in 2015. Founded by Renaud Moulas and Thomas Faizant, the young company aims to bring the travelers as the specialists of the destination further. It offers to all the travelers looking for a trip tailor-made to put them in contact with specialists that correspond exactly to their desires : “we have a golf specialist in South Africa or scuba dive in Tahiti if you’re looking for !” argues the same Renaud Moulas. “The company is riding on the strong trends of tourism : travellers are now looking for a trip that will offer them a unique experience, while more independent, open up their structure to live their passion, and their perfect mastery of one or two destinations,” adds Thomas Faizant.

In the last 12 months, more than 2 million trips have been confirmed via the platform. The 5 destinations the most sold dreamy : United States, South Africa, French Polynesia, Seychelles and Indonesia.

A positioning singular in a highly competitive environment

The idea of the Next port of call is born from a simple observation : planning a trip online has become hellish with the arrival of the internet, which has reduced the supply and increased the distrust of travelers. The start-up has decided to take against its competitors by offering a simple service and custom. “We put human beings at the heart of our whole approach : each project is studied with the traveler to identify experts who match the best,” says Renaud Moulas. “A tour operator will provide you with an offer, and consider your reaction as the specialists from our network will listen to you for you to create the perfect trip” he adds. Specialists, all located in France, must comply with a code is very strict and to integrate the network of the young shoot. With over 250 specialists in its network – and a target of 1000 by 2020, the platform positions itself on a market that is growing rapidly and already has the largest network of self-employed in France.

A fundraising of one million euros to accelerate its development in France

The team’s Next Stop has managed to convince the prestigious investment fund SIDE Capital, led by Renaud Guillerm. The arrival of this last will allow the 2 founders to benefit from the expertise of entrepreneurs, experienced investors such as Nicolas Brumelot (co-founder of MisterFly), Stéphane Boukris (co-founder of Ametix), Olivier Sichel (former CEO of or Christophe Courtin (founder of Santiane). With this round the company hopes to double its workforce and continue its investment in its product in the next 6 months, to establish itself as a major player on the French market of tailor-made trips… Before attacking the european and u.s. markets. Because the small nugget of tourism has ambition, and doesn’t hide it. “The feedback from our customers is very encouraging, we have all the cards in hand to disseminate widely our service” commented on Thomas Faizant. “The passengers love our service, which is similar to that of a private concierge, while we create more and more vocations to the side of the professionals of tourism,” he adds.

The objective of the Next Stop ? “Provide the best possible experience to all our users,” concluded and Thomas Faizant.

Renaud Guillerm, founder of SIDE Capital : “I was immediately seduced by the project, in particular by the sector that is very buoyant, and by the founders, Renaud and Thomas, who have an excellent ability to perform and analysis of their work. Next Stop will quickly be counted among the major players of the tourism, the team is in the process of reinventing the way in which one organizes and how one lives one trip. ”

About Next Stop – Next Stop is to meet those who have a desire to travel and those who know the destination by heart. Human, close and passionate, the Next Stop helps to create trips which you return changed.

About SIDE Capital – SIDE Capital is an investment fund and support young start-ups, tech and digital. It was launched in January 2016 on the initiative of Renaud Guillerm, co-founder of Videdressing, and brings together a dozen of experienced entrepreneurs, the origin of some of the most beautiful achievements of the French Tech. Thanks to the expertise of its Partners, SIDE supports and guides the contractor in the organization and the development of its activity, the daily management, the preparation of future fund-raising (an approach ‘side by side’).

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