Nexecur anticipates the transition to the cloud for the public sector and entrusted with Esker …

Lyon – June 26, 2017 — Nexecur, a subsidiary security, Credit Agricole, specialising in remote monitoring, remote control and alarm systems, has awarded Esker treatment of its 350 000 invoices customers in annual, of which 70% are dematerialized. The objective of Nexecur is to increase the share dematerialisation and anticipate the shift to e-invoicing for the public sector via the portal of the State : Chorus Pro.

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With 3 entities, Nexecur Protection, Nexecur Assistance and Nexecur Banking Security, and more than 118 000 protected sites distributed throughout the territory, the manual processing of customer invoices required the accounting teams to mobilize 4 staff for more than a week for the annual billing and 2 man-days each month for the monthly billing.

Nexecur has therefore sought to implement a solution to automate the processing of its invoices to customers in order to reduce processing time, decrease operating costs, gain flexibility, and improve customer satisfaction. We wanted to put in place a scalable solution that allows us to progress step by step, by automating the invoice processing while gradually shifting to the cloud. It is for this reason that we have chosen the solution, Esker, in addition to its ease of grip and use.

The teams Esker we were also convinced by their professionalism, their excellent relationships and their perfect understanding of our needs. Stéphane Poirier, Project Leader MOA of Nexecur

A transition to the dematerialization progressive, and in agreement with each client

Nexecur has put in place the solution Esker in early 2013, starting with the outsourcing of the sending of its 350 000 invoices clients, then raises and all the letters, administrative complementary, or 54 000 documents.

As of 2014, Nexecur has begun the dematerialization of invoices with certain of its customers to reach 70% of e-invoicing today, which represents a volume of 250 000 invoices. Nexecur has carried out several actions to encourage its customers to switch to paperless :

▪ Existing customers : e-mailing and awareness at the time of the annual billing,
▪ New customers : integration into the contract a notification to receive invoices in electronic format, which has allowed us to achieve a 90% rate of dematerialization among the new customers who receive a monthly bill.

We welcome the strong conversion rate : 40 000 of our customers have agreed to switch to e-invoicing, representing almost 50% of our customers ! We have carried out different actions to raise the awareness of our customers to the benefits of dematerialization, and this is bearing fruit, particularly with new customers who opt for dematerialization, from the signature of the contract. Stéphane Poirier To meet the specific needs of Nexecur, the solution Esker manages the cutting of the flow of invoices, the addition of one or several good response by attachment if necessary, and the grouping in a single fold of bills to the same customer.

Nexecur anticipates to present the compatibility with the portal Chorus for the transition to e-invoicing for the public sector, scheduled for 1 January 2018 in respect of them.

Processing of customer invoices : 17 hours each month are reduced to a few minutes per day

The solution, Esker, which interfaces directly with the ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the company, has enabled us to obtain many benefits :

▪ Absorption of the increased activity thanks to the time gained (17h manipulation by months reduced to a few minutes each day),
▪ Reduction in processing costs,
▪ To Gain in terms of efficiency (fewer interruptions in the place of work through the virtual printer to the sending of paper mail, sending mail in a few clicks…),
▪ Increase the frequency of editing of invoices for various services, from bi-weekly to daily,
▪ Electronic archiving to reduce the volume of paper,
▪ New user up and running quickly.

About Nexecur
The Group Nexecur was born in 1986 on the initiative of the Regional banks of Crédit Agricole for the security of the banking agencies. Today, it is a national Group that has multiple business entities : Nexecur Protection (security of residences and professional premises), Nexecur Assistance (assistance to remain at home by assisting people), Nexecur banking Security and Telsud (securing of large companies).

In addition to alarm systems that are connected to the 5 monitoring centers, the subsidiary security, the Crédit Agricole offers solutions for video-protection, access control, fire detection, protection, outdoor…

More than 118 000 websites are secure in the territory and trust the teams NEXECUR who provide sales solutions, their installations and remote monitoring.

About Esker
Esker is a leading provider of global solutions for dematerialization of documents Cloud. Because the use of paper, which penalizes too companies, Esker allows them to dematerialize their management processes in order to improve the efficiency and visibility, and to reduce the cost (purchase orders, supplier invoices, sales orders, customer invoices, customer complaints, recovery).

With a turnover of 66 million euros in 2016, of which 77% from its Cloud solutions, the Esker is positioned as the 17th French software editor (classement Truffle 100 France 2017) and the 3rd in the Rhône-Alpes region (Top 250 EY software publishers, Rhône-Alpes 2015). Present in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific, Esker achieves 61% of its sales to the international, of which 42% in the United States.

Esker is traded on Euronext GrowthTM in Paris (ISIN Code FR0000035818) and has the label of an innovative company awarded by bpifrance (N° 3684151/1).

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