New financing : Bpifrance accompanies Visiativ in its approach to innovation

Lyon, June 27, 2017-08: 00. The group Visiativ is listed on Euronext Growth(FR0004029478, ALVIV).

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Visiativ, editor and integrator of innovative platforms, announced the support of Bpifrance, in its development through the granting of loans for innovation for a total amount of€ 4.5 Million.

These loans are aimed at two objectives :

strengthen the development by Visiativ of collaborative solutions and innovative, designed in particular to support the transition of SMES/ETI to the Industry of the future
finance expenses sales and marketing of the Group related to the development of a range of structured to the digital transformation of SMES/ETI.
In the framework of its ambition to exceed 200 M€ turnover in 2020, Visiativ is including the development of an ecosystem of partners and managers of SMES/ETI issues surrounding the digital transformation, titled ” Company OF the FUTURE “. The funding negotiated with Bpifrance will enable us to accelerate the phase of commercial launch and continue to expand the Group’s offering.

In total,€ 4.5 Million in the form of 3 loans that have been granted by Bpifrance since November of 2016, of which two loans of 4.0 M€ on 7 years and an interest free loan of 500K€ over 8 years. With these new resources, Visiativ complete the financing that had been negotiated to a height of 22M€ from banking partners of the Group at the end of 2016.

Laurent Fiard, CEO of Visiativ, said : “I would like to thank Bpifrance, our long-standing partner for the trust given to Visiativ. This new funding will allow us to continue to expand our position as an accelerator of the digital transformation of SMES/ETI in developing a platform of solutions even more powerful. ”

Next press release : Turnover for the 1st half, on the 26th of July 2017 after market

About Visiativ

Editor and integrator of innovative software solutions, Visiativ accelerates the digital transformation of businesses through its collaborative platform and social business-oriented. Positioned on the mid-market companies since its creation in 1987, the group Visiativ realized in 2016 a turnover of 106M€ and holds a portfolio of diversified customer base, comprised of over 14,000 customers. Covering the whole of the economic poles French and now in Switzerland and in Morocco, Visiativ has nearly 600 employees. Visiativ (ISIN code FR0004029478, ALVIV) is listed surEuronext Growth. The action is eligible for PEA, PEA/PME AND FCPI/FIP as a company qualified as “innovative company” by Bpifrance.

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