Netflix dynamite the tv and the seventh art

Netflix has already won the war ? The question arises in the corridors of tv channels, in the major studios or technology companies, in the scenes at the Cannes film Festival, or in cabinets. The series will invite more and more in conversations. “One of my colleagues went to a party with his parents, instead of older. His mother shared programs Netflix with her friends. It blew, ” says a French producer, half-amused, half-aghast.

The formula at the request of Netflix is in phase with the expectations of the viewers : it is a kind of buffet-visual at will, where you can taste the last major in-house productions, such as the sci-fi series Stranger Things, catch up with old classics such as Friends, let go to a few movies, series B or move to the amazing japanese manga or a documentary of six hours on a sect established in Oregon until 1985 (Wild Wild Country). Consumable on-site, with his tv, or take-out, on computer, tablet or smartphone, the menu has some great recent movies, and sometimes leaves the same taste of indecision felt in the face of the walls of DVD of a video store… but, for 10 euros per month, it offers a quality-price ratio quite addictive.

In the first quarter of 2018, Netflix exceeded all expectations by conquering 7.4 million new subscribers. Its turnover has jumped from 43 per cent to 2017, when it earned $ 11.6 billion (€9.8 billion) for a profit of 886 million… The service will spend this year $ 8 billion dollars in content, and it now has 125 million subscribers, including 3.5 million in France.

First international studio

The model of Netflix is fascinating and is open to debate. It is a ufo, mid-way between the major digital platforms (GAFA) and the giants of the entertainment…

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