Negotiations on prices : the dairy sector has a flashback to hope

At the agricultural Show, porte de Versailles, in Paris, the dairy farmers have – almost – smile. A situation rather unique, which deserves to be analyzed. While the trade negotiations between industry and distribution are completed, Wednesday, February 28, the hope is. “In principle, negotiations result in increases to the manufacturers of dairy products,” says André Bonnard, secretary general of the national Federation of milk producers (FNPL), a union affiliated to the FNSEA.

“The effect of the general state of the power supply [late 2017] is to feel “, confirms Thierry Roquefeuil, president of the FNPL, but also the Cniel, dairy profession. It is true that this sector was at the heart of debates on the future of the agri-food French desired by the president and Emmanuel Macron. A discussion focused on the best allocation of the value between farmers, manufacturers and distributors, and a fair remuneration of farmers, and putting an end to the price war between the signs.

Other professional sectors are less optimistic. Industrial and cooperatives have ceased to denounce the downward pressure exerted by the larger retailers and the non-respect of the charter of commitment signed in November of 2017 by all the actors. “In the beef or poultry, for example, in applications of deflation. It is far from the idea of the creation of value being advocated by the States-general and the revaluation of rates until the link of the production, ” says Dominique Chargé, president of Coop de France agri-food.

“The butter continues to benefit from a world price high ”

And all is not rosy for the industrial dairy. “This year, the bad player, this is Alexandre Bompard. The new boss of Carrefour wants to reframe its offering on its brands, and therefore reduces the volume…

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