Nantes Saint-Nazaire Development calls the “Cultural and Creative Industries” in the travel d…

Companies will be able to enjoy their stay in nantes, france to attend the 10 years of the Machines of the Island, at the opening of the Journey to Nantes and the Sofilm Summercamp

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The economic development agency Nantes Saint-Nazaire Development and SAMOA will host the 30th June, the 5th edition of their day of exploration dedicated to professionals of Cultural and Creative Industries with projects of implementation, to present the ambition of this sector and 15 hectares of projects dedicated to culture and creation, in an ecosystem that is welcoming and caring. Organized to a key date, this visit will allow participants to take advantage of their presence in Nantes to attend three major events of their sector.

[” The cultural sector and creative ” : professionals in the digital, media, publishers, architects, designers, stylists, visual artists, engineers, etc.].

A return Match of a parisian edition
This journey of exploration is echoed in an evening organized for the first time, in Paris on the 13th of October last, which was attended by 80 entrepreneurs looking for a location for their project. 19 projects the companies had already been detected. The trip back will have to aim to discover in situ the major projects of the metropolis dedicated to the sector, and present the actors of the territory, in order to fine-tune their project by going to the meeting of the ecosystem.

“The metropolis with a great dynamic in the Cultural and Creative Industries, the agency’s mission is to present opportunities to companies involved in order to promote economic development and job creation in the sector.” said Berenice Ouzilleau, Head of construction Companies in Nantes Saint-Nazaire Development. She says : “For Nantes Saint-Nazaire Development, there are no small projects. We welcome the interest of large companies and the small bold projects “.

Discover a sector of nantes is full of excitement
The SAMOA they will present the projects of the new headquarters of Creation : 15 hectares, of which 25,000 m2 of Halles Alstom in full conversion, will be dedicated to businesses in the cultural sector and creative, to third-party sites, and students of the Schools (Fine Arts, Graphic Arts, Architecture, Design…). The key : 1 000 jobs created by 2018 100 researchers and 1,000 students hosted.

If the ecosystem nanto-nazairien is now ready to welcome new comers, it is that he is already rich and well-structured : 10Vins, SensorWake, and MyScript have won awards at the ces in Las Vegas, BlackMeal has created the French association of motion design, Metalobil creates, designs and manufactures unique objects, Rosemood is increased from 3 to 80 employees in 5 years, the research labs of Softbank Robotics is reinventing the Nao robot, the designers are live Spirou…
The firms will meet a selection of stakeholders in this field.

June 30, day-lighthouse for the sector

The Machines of the Island celebrate their 10 years : June 30, 2007, the famous pachyderm of nantes walked on the forecourt of the church for the first time. In 2017, a great battle rock/cumbia oppose El Gato Negro and Super Sonic in the career of Bas-Chantenay. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, but above all to project into the future, in this place that will host the grand project of the Heron Tree.

The Trip to Nantes opens its doors : a “path-sensitive” and a “monument scattered” to discover by following a green line drawn on the ground… The Trip to Nantes to ride every year more than 2 million visitors through the metropolis…

The “festival of cinema casual” Sofilm Summercamp is organising its 3rd edition : “Here, no competition, just the pleasure to see or review a movie, discuss it with a guest or to talk about a cocktail party after the session.” the story Unidivers.

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