Morgonrapport: Time to raise its eyes to the north after the sign of strength… us jobs in focus.

OMXS30 index showed sign of strength on Thursday, and with that we finally got a closure over utbrottsnivån 1640 points. Storbolagsindexet closed finally, +0.13% to 1641.32, after having achieved a dagshögsta at 1647 points earlier in the day. The turnover on the stockholm stock exchange amounted to 17.5 billion. Asia’s trade during the night, showing strong positive momentum, which got fuel from a strong close in the US on Thursday night. We turn therefore their attention further north, and leading futures pointing to a nice börsöppning over 1650 points today…

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Today’s analysis

Of the month first day of trading, managed to get an outbreak of the resistance level of 1640 points, and thus close with a positive momentum in your back pocket.

We achieved a dagshögsta at 1647 points, which means that we never challenged the next clear resistance level, however, we note the clear volume around the dagshögsta levels during the Thursday which is very positive.

U.s. stock markets continued to tick further north on Thursday night, with support from the surprisingly strong ADP non-farm jobbsiffra, which is also often seen as a preview ahead of Friday’s u.s. employment data.

Leading futures after overnight trading in Asia, suggests that we may come to have a such a strong opening, as about 1652 points. This would mean that we in such a case, open above the next resistance level.

That we are expected to open above the resistance level 1650 points at the same time means that we raise the eyes to the north, we see it as a sign of strength for the coming days of trading, now as we leave the month of may behind us.

The only negative momentum during the night as we see it, is the oil, where WTI is now trading at 48 dollars, and Brent just above $ 50. But it is worth noting that we have not experienced any significant correlation to the oil in a good while…

This means that we now have the signals that we are gearing up for the rise to 1670 points in the future.

At the same time, there are still negative signals that are worrying.

Not least the political turmoil prevailing in the united states, where we so late as on Thursday evening, Donald Trump created a stir through that the country will now withdraw from the global climate agreement that world leaders signed up to in Paris in 2015.

However, we see no signs of abreaction of the news ahead of today’s trading, leading the semester, the S&P 500 is showing a positive development during the overnight trading in Asia.

Furthermore, the fuel during the day would be able to land on the numbers, current american employment in may, presented at 14:30.

With a strong surprising the preview on Thursday on the ADP job data, the expected number of employed outside the agricultural sector in the united states have increased by 182.000 in may compared with 211.000 in april. The unemployment rate is expected to remain at a low of 4.4%.

If we happen to get a turn back in the next trading days during the 1650 and 1640 points if we get a further outbreak, according to the indication on the futures market, we see not this as something negative in their entirety, unless we get a closing below 1630 during high trading activity.

Before today’s trading, we expect thus technical resistance levels already, primarily for 1670 points. Thereafter, in 1682, followed by the particular sentimental price level 1700 and the previous all-time high at 1720 points.

Technical support levels await at 1640, 1630 and then the 1600 points. Even 1650 is expected to act as support at the opening above.

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Yesterday’s main börshändelser.

Positive attitude in the Autoliv…!

Maybe it is time to turn the attention to the 1 000 sek now, when the share looks to find the land over the resistance level.

Bilsäkerhetsföretaget Autoliv step initially just over 2 per cent on Thursday, on news that the company started the share buy-back again during the month of may (870.972 shares at an average price of 106:03 dollars).

Nordea highlighted already for a little more than a week ago, that the lack of acquisition provides the space to share repurchases, which gave fuel to the rise.

”We see an increased possibility that Autoliv shall resume the repurchase in the near future to reach a more efficient capital structure,” wrote the Nordea analysts on may 23.

Both the news has now given a positive momentum, which means that the share price climbed above the resistance level at 970 kronor on Thursday.

Earlier in February we got a false utbrottsförsök at this resistance level, but not of the same nature as today’s rise.

This bodes well for a possible establishment describe it, and maybe it is time to once again turn the attention to the 1 000 sek in the future…?

H&M is about to challenge the year low…?

Or, maybe it is time to turn north after five nedgångsdagar…

H&M continues to lose ground after the decline that started after Nordea’s previous lowering recommendation a little more than a week ago.

The turning point came when we tested the resistance level at 227 crowns, and the negative sentiment has continued since then.

This means that the company’s shares are now trading just above the year low, also the lowest price level since the end of June 2016.

Despite the negative sentiment, we look out to get a clear hammer-formation in the today’s candlestick, which can be a positive sign for the turning point on Thursday. In such a scenario, we expect a challenging of previously utbrottsnivå at 222 crowns.

Latest riktkurser we find Nordea with the “fair value” of the 260 crowns, Citi at 215 sek, Jefferies 235 kronor and Kepler of sek 300.

Novo Nordisk climbs above the resistance level after the approved drug.

At the establishment of the 280, we turn our eyes towards the 300 bucks…!

The Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk rose initially around +1.7 percent on Thursday, after it revealed in a press release on Wednesday night that the us medicines agency, the FDA has approved the company’s hemofililäkemedel Rebinyn.

”We regard this as an important extension for patients with hemophilia B”, commented on the company’s research director Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen.

Sobi also is active in the hemofiliområdet with its long lasting Elocta and Alprolix, got the boost on the news, and step initially +1.5%.

Thursday’s rise means that the Novo Nordisk climbs over the resistance level at 280 with strength, which has in the past received renewed köpstyrka after challenging the support level at sek 267.

Thus it looks like that we, for the establishment of over 280 crowns can experience a rise to the sentimental heltalsnivån 300 bucks…

Hålltider during the day

Macro statistics

  • South korea: GDP (def) 1 kv at 1.00
  • STATISTICS, vehicle statistics may at 9.30 am
  • SCB: current account balance 1 kv at 9.30 am
  • Riksbank: results köpauktion government bonds at 10.07
  • Uk: services PMI may at 10: 30 a.m.
  • EMU: PPI april at 11.00
  • Greece: GDP (def) 1 kv 11.00
  • United states: employment may at 14.30

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Latest börsnyheterna

The stockholm stock exchange began June at an easy plus. Among the sectors that contributed the most to pull up the index were technology and raw materials, while the health sector’s initial gains were thwarted by Elektas report. Autoliv moved forward since the company resumed its buyback of own shares, and Securitas was today’s storbolagsvinnare.

The OMXS30 closed 0.1 percent up to 1.641 and daily turnover on the stockholm stock exchange ended up at 17.5 billion.

Elekta left the report for the seasonally large in the fourth quarter, and came on several points in weaker than expected. Among other things, the order intake was significantly lower than what the analysts had projected, although with difficult comparative figures, but also the supply was designated by the Swedbank analyst Johan Unnerus in a comment to the Directly as well weak, given an implemented program of change.

Elekta declined throughout the 8.1 per cent to sek 80, the lowest since the beginning of February.

In the OMXS30, where Elekta is not included, went Securitas clearly the loudest of the day with a rise of 3.8 per cent, with Nordea as the largest nettoköpande broker.

According to the Direct interest in the share is probably explained by the fact that Securitas, according to an audit of the Carnegie småbolagsindex (CSX) at the end of may is about to enter in the index of ten trading days. The index is followed by a number of funds.

Autoliv, a bit over 0.9 million shares in may 2017. It was the first time the company repurchased its own shares in over two years.

”We have said that we will have a debt / equity ratio of between 0,5-1,5 net debt by ebitda, and now we have been just below it, around 0.4, in a few quarters”, says Their head of communications Thomas Jönsson to the News agency Directly.

Autoliv, advanced 2.8 percent, the second highest in the OMXS30.

The us FDA has approved Danish Novo Nordisks hemofililäkemedel Rebinyn. Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, Sobi, is active in the same area with their drug Alprolix. Sobi rose by 2.6 per cent. Johan Unnerus, läkemedelsanalytikern at Swedbank, said that Novo Nordisk is well after Sobi within the niche, and that the new drug should therefore not worry the shareholders of the Swedish company.

Ericsson confirmed that Christer Gardell takes place in the telekombolagets nomination committee for the agm in 2018, then aktivistfonden Cevian Capital ” as a frontas of Gardell on Tuesday flagged for a holding of over 5 per cent of the shares in Ericsson. Share followed up Wednesday’s kurslyft to continue up to 1.0 per cent.

Residential builder JM has received a lowered recommendation by DNB to sell from the previous keep and the Norwegian bank also put down riktkursen to 300 crowns from the previous 330. From Norway, where JM is active, also came the news that house prices in Oslo have turned down. JM shares lost 5.1 percent to 310:20 sek.

Lifco has got an height recommendation of the Carnegie to purchase, from the previous keep. The share was strengthened by 7.4 per cent. Also HMS Networks increased significantly, plus more than 4 per cent to 121:75 sek. The share was traded on Thursday for a 4:1 split.

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