Morgonrapport: Concentration of resources continues within the 1630-1650…

During the ”Supertorsdagen” we got after cautious of progressions, an introduction in a clearly positive mood. Storbolagsindexet OMXS30 managed to briefly climb above the resistance at 1650 around lunch, but finished the day +0.20% at 1643.5 points. The turnover on the stockholm stock exchange amounted to sek 19 billion on Thursday. The european and american stock exchanges closed slightly positive, but above all, the pound has declined when Theresa May lost its own majority after the parliamentary elections. After overnight trading in Asia, we see a mixed development, and leading futures pointing to early this morning, a cautious sentiment before the opening of the stockholm stock exchange…

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Today’s analysis

Already initially on a Thursday, we got the positive attitude, that after an hour of trading had a clearly strong momentum that took us to the north.

Around lunchtime, we were briefly a note just above 1651.50 points, which means that we managed to step over the technical resistance level at 1650. On the other hand, the visit briefly, and we closed Thursday at 1643.5, which was also the price that quoted the highest volume during the day.

Early this morning, pointing leading futures in a somewhat cautious sentiment. No major surprises on Thursday also meant that no unexpected movements occurred.

However, we note that the british pound is a possible element of risk in the face börsöppning today, which is clearly lost since Thursday evening. GBPSEK went from being listed at 11.28 to fall down to 11.06 within just a few minutes, however, then gathered force.

The Tories look set to get about 318 seats out of a total 650 seats in the british house of commons, while Labour looks set to increase to 262 seats, according to the BBC forecast.

Possibly this could be a wildcard this morning, but at the same time, we do not see any effect on either trade in Asia, or leading the futures as the us S&P 500. This means that we rather look to be able to get a slightly better than expected, initially, the movement, on the slightly positive sentiment prevailing in the S&P 500 semester, persists.

As we noted a continued strong volume on Thursday, when we briefly stepped over 1650, we continue to see a development with underlying positivity at the current concentration within the 1630-1650.

Even clear listing of the major moving average as 200 days, 40 weeks, pointing integrity to the north, which is positive.

Today we have no heavy makrobesked that can help with unexpected strength, which is weakness, which makes that rather we may get a slightly less volatile development today, and see a trade in the 1640-1650 as highly probable, unless the development in the pound bonfires on the european trade with uncertainty.

Especially in banking looks very interesting on the home front, but also the workshop which we also highlighted in Thursday’s morgonrapport. Perhaps it is these sectors which can give strength, to give additional fuel to the OMXS30, in order to step further to the north.

The probability has now increased, for when we step over 1650, that we, within a relatively short period of time then will challenge the next resistance level at 1670, then to get a rise to 1700 points. Then approaching an all-time high of 1720 in the future, if köpstyrkan persists.

What often happens, if the underlying strength is clear, that when a concentrated effort continued for a longer period of time, such as that which takes place within the 1630-1650 right now, that once we get a clear outbreak and establishment north as south, the movements are sharp…

The oil that we highlighted earlier in the week, there is no correlation right now against global stock indexes, despite the fact that we are a little more than a year ago, experienced such a synergy in a short period of time. Brent crude traded this morning for 48 dollars, and experiencing thereby a clearly depressed mood.

For today’s trading we have once again technical resistance levels already at 1650, and in 1654 points, and the previous high for the year 1657. Then we hold a more significant resistance at 1670 points. Technical support levels are thus still at 1640 and 1630, followed by heavy sentimental heltalsnivån 1600 points.

What hålltider and the company reports the next weeks you can read here.

Yesterday’s main börshändelser.

Clas Ohlson on the new year high after the report…

Take all closer step all time high!

Clas Ohlson step up to a new high for the year on Thursday, after eftersläntraren reported an operating profit during the fourth quarter of the split financial year of 17.5 million. Expectations among analytikerkåren low of -10.0 million euros, according to SME Direkt prognossammanställning.

On Thursday, it emerged also that the company’s total sales increased by 5 per cent in may, slightly lower-than-expected 6.3 per cent.

When it comes to Clas Ohlson’s expansion in Germany, whose establishment began in mid-may 2016, now has a store contracts have been signed for a fourth store in Hamburg, with the planned opening winter 2017.

Thursday’s inledningsvisa rise of over 5 per cent to over 160 kronor, means that a new high for the year be noted. Thus we take everything closer to get the all time high at 174 kroner from 2016…

Zalando-competitor Boohoo rushes over 9 per cent to new heights!

Taking in over a half-billion dollars for expansion…

The british klädhandlaren, which competes with, inter alia, Zalando, rising over 9% on Thursday.

This means that the company’s share have risen over 77% since the end of the year, and over 322 per cent since a year back.

Bloomberg News reports that the company, through a so-called placing have with the new shares taken out 50 million pounds, around 563 million, to expand the business.

Boohoo announced at the same time that the company’s net sales increased by 106 per cent to 120 million pounds, slightly more than 1.35 billion during the period from march to may 2017.

This means that Zalando is starting to have a contender within its segment that is to be reckoned with, however, comparatively had a turnover of € 980 million, more than 9.6 billion in January to march of this year.

Indextunga the banking sector exhibits positive attitude…

Technical support levels turning point for the new tag and the upswing in the future…?

Nordea has not experienced as great köpstyrka compared with their industry peers last week, but still like to be able to turn to the north at 110 crowns!

Like Nordea, we see a clear fulcrum around the technical support level, which means 104 sek for SEB.

Already before the opening on Thursday, we left a “strong buy” recommendation on the bank, which looks to step over the technical key levels and heavy average on Thursday…

Swedbank shows the best development last week, with a rise of over 1.5 per cent. Even with a rise of 1 per cent on Thursday to be able to step over the MA 200!

Hålltider during the day



  • Cavotec (0:05 chf), Frontline (0:15 usd )

Macro statistics

  • China: CPI, PPI may, at 3.30
  • The Swedish Trade Style: Stilindex at 6.00
  • Norway: CPI may at 8.00
  • Germany: trade and current account balances april at 8.00
  • Germany: labour costs 1 kv 8.00
  • France: industrial production april at 8.45
  • Statistics SWEDEN: production in the business sector april at 9.30 am
  • SCB: hushållskonsumtion april at 9.30 am
  • SCB: småhusbarometern may at 9.30 am
  • Uk: industrial production april at 10.30
  • Uk: NIESR GDP estimate may at 14: 00
  • United states: wholesale stock (def) in april at 16.00


  • Ica to publish monthly sales in Sweden for may at 8.45

All börshändelser and estimates for the week can be found here!

Latest börsnyheterna

The stockholm stock exchange was developed irregularly during the Thursday, but ended slightly higher. Trading day included monetary policy news from ECB and the hearing of former FBI director James Comey. In addition, is expected late on Thursday evening, preliminary indications about the british parliamentary elections.

On börsfronten dropped the Husqvarna after väderkommentar. Among the big step, Boliden, Sandvik and Atlas Copco, the most. The worst went there for Autoliv and Tele2.

Storbolagsindexet OMXS30 index ended up 0.2 per cent to the level of 1.644. Turnover reached over 19 billion kronor on the stockholm stock exchange.

”With the support of rising corporate earnings are traded many of the leading exchanges is at record levels for the summer as tend to be a little weaker. When the stock market is in rising trend will therefore return in the summer to be completely okay. In focus, we have the choice in the Uk and the Fed meeting next week. What will be crucial for the stock market’s continuing development is thus the quarterly reports later in July”, commented Erik Hansén, market analyst at IG, the News agency Directly.

Husqvarna fell over 3 per cent since the company flagged a weather-wise tough start in the crucial second quarter, particularly in northern Europe, in connection with a presentation at Handelsbanken’s seminar on Thursday.

”It has been a little tougher start to the quarter because of the weather up here in northern Europe – but it has not been anything else,” said Husqvarna’s editor-in-chief, Åsa Larsson, in a subsequent comment to Directly.

Fingerprint rose around 1 percent. On Wednesday the share was up more than 11 per cent after the company’s sensor was in a betalkortsorder to Zwipe. Handelsbanken has the impression that the biometribolaget taken back some lost ground.

Ericsson also had a positive development with a rise of 1.2 per cent. On rekommendationsfronten has Citi taken up coverage of the telecommunications company with a buy recommendation. The investment bank sees room for improved margins, thanks to the new strategy.

H&M continued lower, down 0.6 per cent, to over 209 sek. SEB has lowered its price target to 265 Swedish kronor from the 285, but with a buy recommendation. Wednesday repeated, however, Morgan Stanley its bleak view of the klädjätten with a lowered target price to 150 sek. Even Today’s Industry gave klädbolaget a bout of the ladle.

Clas Ohlson’s results were clearly better than expected. The dividend also exceeded than förhandstipset. By contrast, the may sales slightly below expectation. The stock rose 5.5 per cent.

Systemair’s result was a disappointment. The share were punished with a decline of more than 5 per cent.

Zaplox, active in mobile key services, made its premiere on First North where the exercise price was 5:50. The newcomer stopped at 6:45 sek for a swinging trade.

Karo Pharmas working chairman of the board Anders Lönner, has bought shares in the company for approximately 24 million cones. Karo shares climbed nearly 7 per cent.

SEB has initiated coverage of Magnolia Residence with recommendation buy and target price of sek 125. The stock was up 7.5 per cent to 86:50 sek.

The business community gave the advice for the be Group and the NGS. The shares rose between 7-8 per cent.

G5Entertainment advanced around 6 per cent to sek 225. Redeye has initiated coverage with a valuation of sek 260.

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