More should be done against terror, but the parliamentary elections to be held on Thursday, said Theresa May.

More needs to be done against islamic terrorism, but the parliamentary elections on Thursday will be held as scheduled.

It said the british prime minister, Theresa May on Sunday, after a terrorist attack at London Bridge late on Saturday killed at least seven people and injured about 50 people, reports Reuters.

A van drove on walking on the bridge and stopped a short distance away, where three men jumped out and attacked people. These three were killed by the police, who then made a number of arrests. ICE has claimed responsibility for the bombing.

It is the third bombing in the Uk in a relatively short period of time, after the attack upon Westminster Bridge in march and at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in may.

”It is time to say enough is enough now. We can not and must not pretend that things can continue as they have done. We believe that we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we are facing when terrorism begets terrorism,” said Theresa May.

She said that the perpetrators not only be inspired to attack on the basis of carefully calculated plans, and not just as lone perpetrators who are radicalized online, but also copy each other and use the most cruel ways to attack.

She called for a new antiterrorstrategi that include, among other things, tougher penalties and new internetreglering. She noted that although they made progress in recent years, so there is too much tolerance against extremism in the country, and called on the public to push this extremism out of the public sector and the wider society.

Most parties took a break in the valkampanjandet during Sunday but Theresa May said that this will be resumed on Monday. Ukip made no break at all because they considered that it would be what the extremists wanted.

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