Mike Manley is the head of Fiat-Chrysler, John Elkann became the chairman of Ferrari

The rumor has spread at breakneck speed on social networks, where they are multiplied, all day Saturday, the “Forza Sergio !” sibylline : the managing director of the Fiat group and Ferrari president, Sergio Marchionne, is the most evil. Hospitalized since the end of the month of June in Zurich (Switzerland) for a simple back operation, the business man seems to have been a victim of post-operative complications, her condition got worse very quickly these last few days.

In the early evening fell on the first terse statement of the Fiat group, announcing that he ” [would be] unable to resume his professional activities.” Since then, several hospital sources describe his condition as “irreversible” without more details. His family, on the premises, did not release other information.



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