MEGA International, a recognized leader in Enterprise Architecture for the 9th consecutive year

Gartner distinguishes between MEGA International in its Magic Quandrant in the category “Enterprise Architecture Tools”

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Paris, June 13, 2017 – MEGA International, a French software specialist Enterprise Architecture, is ranked by Gartner as a leader in their report, Magic Quandrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools. MEGA is the only company in the magic square has to have occupied this place for nine years.

Gartner has reviewed the bids of eleven publishers and identified eight essential features and six advanced features than any tool of enterprise architecture should include to be able to support the best organizations in their process of innovation and change management.

“When the solutions of Enterprise Architecture (EA) incorporate features from other tools, in connection with the practices of AE, they allow enterprise architects and IT decision-makers to better allocate investments by projects in order to achieve the business goals. The inclusion of these functions is one of the development priorities for the editors tools of AE. This allows them to offer suites of comprehensive software to support the business transformation and IT, and thus better address the new challenges related to digitalization, ” the report says.

MEGA helps companies manage their complexity so that they can meet the needs of the market and its major changes. Its solutions give organizations an interactive of their operations, providing them with the necessary information to the decision-making. With its software offer HOPEX, MEGA helps large companies align their business objectives on the strategy overall while increasing their IT agility.

“The demand for the solutions of enterprise architecture is increasing because they are considered as the best tools for a successful transformation to digital business. This further confirmation of our leadership position demonstrates that our solutions meet the needs of major international players. Our clients, many of whom are in the Fortune 1000, are using our solutions HOPEX to support the transformation of businesses, develop innovative products, reduce the complexity and the cost, in order to gain competitiveness, ” explained Lucio de Risi, CEO of MEGA International.

Gartner is completely independent from the companies suppliers, products, and services referenced in his or her studies, and does not recommend users to choose their provider among the best positioned. Studies from Gartner reflect the opinion of the teams of the organization and shall in no case be considered as established facts. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this study, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

About MEGA
MEGA International is a publisher of software that helps companies manage the complexity inherent in their organization. We provide decision makers with the visibility they need to manage their activities in a sustainable way, while maintaining the right balance between capacity for innovation, cost optimization, and risk management. Thanks to our software solutions HOPEX and our services businesses have the tools they need to improve their business agility and IT in an ever-changing environment.
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