Meero integrates the home staging 3D in its portfolio in exclusive partnership with Rhinov

Paris, June 28, 2017 – Meero, the specialist of professional photography in real estate in Europe, continues to expand its range of support solutions sales for real estate professionals by announcing an exclusive partnership with Rhinov, the specialist in interior decoration in 3D. After the supply of photo reports, videos and virtual tours to 360°, Meero innovates always more to assist real estate professionals in their marketing approaches by offering a photography service incorporating a redevelopment of the decoration in 3D.

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It often happens that the real estate agents are in charge of the property empty, or in need of adjustments or decoration work. These goods require a situation more realistic, in order to raise the difficulty for the buyer to imagine themselves in this type of property.
In order for the buyer to grasp instantly the full potential of the property, the photo Meero is reworked by the designers of Rhinov. The result is a redevelopment of the interior of the apartment or house, with a representation inspirational and more user-friendly.

“In a common approach and complementary valuation by the image, the partnership with Meero we were quickly seduced. Our new service of Home Staging 3D allows, for 59€, to reveal the potential of a room and thus assist clients to project themselves into a well. A photo is enough, from which our designers imagine and realize in the image, a development proposal in spectacular 3D, ” explains Antoine Faure, in charge of development in Rhinov.

“A lot of properties are empty, or to renovate, this makes difficult the projection of the future acquirer in the space. Thanks to the technology Rhinov, photos Meero can be processed in 24 hours in 3D image. It is stunning ! We are proud of this exclusive partnership that allows Meero more for real estate professionals, ” says Thomas Rebaud, CEO of Meero.
The joint offer Meero / Rhinov photo is available everywhere in France, for a price of 59 €for a photo, the latter being delivered to the client via a unique link by e-mail, accessible from all devices (smartphone, tablet, computer).

About Meero
Constant the absence of a great actor of photography in the world, the company Meero has created the first platform of photography to the request by providing a service of photo, video, and virtual tours in less than 24 hours anywhere in Europe. Through processes and technologies, exclusive, Meero was able to fully automate the production of a photographic report, of the shooting to the editing of the images through algorithms, enabling it to issue reports and photos/videos of high quality in less than 24 hours at very attractive rates.
Meero was first specialized in the real estate sector and has already convinced, after eighteen months of business, more than 9 000 customers. Today, Meero, this is a photo/video comes every 90 seconds. The commercial impact of the photographs Meero is measured objectively and immediately : 3 times more visits of the online advertisements presented with photos Meero, and 5 to 8 times more quality contacts.
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