Mcdonald’s is reaping the fruits of its policy menu, small prices

The giant of the fast food harvesting the fruits of its policy menu, small prices, in spite of the fears of the franchisees, who fear that it will trim their margins. The net profit increased 13.2% to 1.38 billion during the first three months of the year, which translated into an adjusted earnings per share, the reference in north America, of 1.79 us dollar against 1,67 dollar expected on average by analysts. If the turnover of the company decreased by 9.5% to 5.14 billion, due mainly to its policy of spend-free a large number of restaurants managed by our own, it remains far superior to 4,97 billion anticipated.

Global sales at restaurants that are comparable, those open without interruption during the past 13 months, have increased by 5.5% compared to an increase of only 3.7% expected by the markets. These sales, which give an idea of the health of the activity of Mcdonald’s, were up 2.9% in the United States, top contributors to the turnover, compared to 2.7% expected. Us customers really like the offerings of sodas for $ 1, coffee $ 2 and menu at 5 dollars, and the return of tenders economic, dubbed the “Dollar menu” to 1, 2 and 3 dollars. Competitors, such as Wendy’s, responded with offers almost similar.

“The quick and friendly service”

Mcdonald’s, which had seen the attendance of its stores, decrease of 500 million visitors since 2012, said Monday that the number of customers is being rendered in its restaurants increased by 0.8% in the first quarter. “More customers are recognizing that we are in the process of becoming a better Mcdonald’s, appreciate the taste of our food, quick and friendly service” and the proposed prices, welcomed the CEO is Steve Easterbrook, adding that the growth plan presented a year ago is producing fruit.

Has Wall Street, the title gained 4.11% and 164,67 dollars around 12: 30 GMT in electronic trading of pre-session, investors are relieved to see that the menus at a small price, which cannibalisent the sales of the products and menus expensive, did not affect the profitability found in the american group.

The price of the Big Mac continues to make the big difference

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