Master your discovered to reduce your banking fees

Some 30% of the French are found at least once every three months, according to the barometer Cofidis CSA “The French and their purchasing power,” published in September 2017. The average amount of the overdraft reached a total of 394 euros. A discovered that, in a perverse way, knocking the customer’s account a little more in the red since it generates costs.

The first source of costs, the commission’s intervention. It is charged in case of exceeding the overdraft allowed, or in his absence, each time that a new transaction occurs on the account in the red. In other words, it is possible to make the subject of several commissions of intervention on the same day.

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But since 2014, the regulation governs this practice : the committees of action are capped at 8 euros per transaction and 80 euros per month. Most of the establishments are aligned on that amount, with a few exceptions. Thus, the Postal Bank bill of 6.90 euros, capped at 20,70 euros per day and 75,90 euros per month. For its part, Crédit Mutuel Maine-Anjou Basse-Normandie takes 7,65 euros, capped at a commission of intervention per day, and 80 euros per month. Please note, the online banks do not charge commission intervention.

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