Manage their holiday budget, from which the spirit light !

Paris, June 6, 2017 – Leave posed, flaps lowered, borsalino ready, flip-flops to the feet and sunglasses on the nose : the time of summer holidays has come ! Nonetheless, there remains a few details to settle, as well as managing its budget, and the equitable sharing of the costs, or take care not to steal her credit card abroad. Even on vacation, the money remains ubiquitous in the uses and therefore in the minds. To help the vacationers to enjoy their vacation to the spirit light, the néobanque Anytime offers many features : each vacationer has a solution.

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International travelers : a fee for the foreign lighter, for a change of scenery !

Leisure travelers in quest of exoticism and far-away lands often find themselves confronted with the realities of the management of foreign currency and bank charges. A real brake to the release sought under the coconut trees !

With the account in Anytime, the fees abroad are reduced compared to the traditional banks :

the costs of withdrawing money are reduced outside the euro zone : in Anytime, it takes 2€ per transfer + 1.8%, compared to 1€ + 2.9% among the other banking players,
bookings in foreign currencies are made easier and less costly. Banks use their own exchange rate, and can charge up to 5% in hidden fees ! Anytime uses the real exchange rate.
the transfers of money in foreign currency can be performed by sms or by email to : the recipient will receive a link and be delivered directly to the bank transfer, even if it does not have an account Anytime. No need to leave his card number by email, by phone, or on a form !
the risks of piracy are not limited to : Mastercard Anytime contains only the amount allocated to vacations (that we can separate “small cuts” and re-process as and), and does not allow the discovered. No risk to see his bank account emptied or deficit on his return ! The Mastercard card Anytime can be locked and unlocked at any time through the application.

Heads in the air without touching it, and small coins, for limited losses !

If the holidays are synonymous of lightness, it is not the same for the wallet. However, it is impractical – and a bit risky – to bring his wallet to the beach to buy a doughnut or a granita.

For swimming, visiting and strolling the spirit light, Anytime allows stunned :

to use the objects connected to pay without contact : bracelets, sweatbands, or door-key, to each his preference,
easily pay small amounts (up to 30 euros in France and even more abroad) without the need to memorize a PIN code,
supply regularly, at a distance, the credit card Anytime, or the subject of a payment connected via the application,
of block in one click, via the mobile application, the object is lost or stolen.

Spenders : a cap limited, for a budget well managed !

The holidays are usually an important item of expense, and once the journey and the accommodation settled, it would be a shame not to take advantage.

To allow the baskets drilled to have fun while taking their budget, and prevent them not to eat that pasta at the beginning, the account Anytime using to manage spending in real time, thanks to :

the establishment of a ceiling limited that you can’t exceed,
taking into account the transactions instantly, in order to avoid the oblivion of the deferred expenditure and the surprises at the back,
sending in real time a text message or a notification when a movement account (balance, last transaction, etc)
the steering, via the mobile application dedicated to all the means of payment used : Mastercard, sms, etc

In love : the joint account, because of the holiday it is better with two !

During the first holiday as a couple, it is always difficult to talk about big bucks. Who is going to pay for the souvenir photo, the diners in love, Italian ice, and the boat trip ?

To avoid the quarrels of the lovers, Anytime help the lovebirds to make only one offering :

– the creation of a joint account, each caters to a choice of the same amount or a different sum according to the wishes and means,

– the provision of two cards Mastercard,

– management snapshot of the various items of expenditure,

– the monitoring of the expenditures of each.

Groups of friends : the common pot, in order to equitably share the costs !

Between the friend spender, the one that has sea urchins in the pockets, the one who is ” a bit tight this month “, and one who has even forgotten his wallet, it is not simple to manage the accounts when the holidays are organized between friends.

For that friends spend time together, rather than in the calculations, and in order to avoid the tensions at the time of the addition, Anytime prefer to tighten the links :

by allowing the upstream, the creation of a common pot for the expenses,
by facilitating downstream transfers by SMS or email between friends, even if the recipients do not have account Anytime.

FinTech, which launched its offering in 2014, Anytime provides a account, a Mastercard card and a bouquet of financial services to businesses and individuals. Without commitment and 100% mobile, Anytime is a turnkey offer full-service that offers a suite of solutions that are simple, customizable and secure to buy, sell, collect, pay, manage, collect and send money. Anytime and an Iban/RIB and Mastercard debit and, to facilitate the management of its account, Anytime goes a step further by offering a wide range of services. As well, companies, startup, associations, or self-entrepreneurs can, among other things, manage their business expenses, secure their purchases on the internet, cash with a payment terminal or a payment button to display on its web site, while individuals may, for example, opt for the management of the ceiling of their credit card, SMS payment or repayment between friends.

Based on a technical platform is robust and open (API), Anytime also offers all of its offer in white mark to fintechs, banks, insurance companies and SMES. Learn more :

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