LogMeIn launches Bold360 and attacks the CRM market

The publisher is expanding its portfolio of leading solutions thanks to its new platform of customer engagement and intelligent

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PARIS, June 9, 2017 — LogMeIn, Inc. (NASDAQ : LOGM) is launching Bold360, a new platform for customer engagement and smart. Businesses can now interact with their customers and get a 360-degree view of all of their points of contact and contextual data, all this using a single solution that is both modern and flexible. Bold360 is a powerful bringing together a variety of channels commitments, popular digital, support tools and a unified interface. With this solution, LogMeIn attacks the traditional market of customer service by helping companies transform their customer data into strategic lessons. They can offer the experience dynamic and personalized demands of today’s consumers.

“The rapid development of digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and mobility has changed the way customers want to interact with their favorite brands,” says Mary Wardley, vice president of research on loyalty solutions and customer service at IDC. “Companies should now review their customer service in order to remain competitive. Offering a variety of channels of engagement is only the beginning. The experience, whether it is automated or managed by an agent, must be fluid, and the information must be provided in context in order to foster brand loyalty in the long term. ”

According to the report, The Eight Building Blocks of CRM: Data and Information (July 2016), recently published by Gartner, the CRM strategies of organisations often face a handful of key issues. According to the conclusions of the report, ” create, maintain, and enjoy a unified view of customers is a difficult task to accomplish for only in-house, and requires capacity-rare among publishers of CRM solutions. Many solutions require, in effect, to side of some channels used by consumers to interact with organisations. ”

The traditional systems of customer service and CRM only host a small portion of the data on heterogeneous systems, which complicates the task of companies wishing to enjoy complete visibility of their customers. Bold360 responds to this problem by linking of rich profiles and actionable information allowing agents to ensure the service is fast and fluid which expect consumers. Its ability smart automation provides customers with self-service tools, and spare officers from many routine tasks. Contact centers are a better performance and offer experiences to promote retention of their customers.

“The future of customer service lies in the ability of companies to create a truly exceptional experience and relevant,” said Michael Blaine, director, senior customer service at VF Corporation. “By using the technologies available to understand consumers, and providing agents with readily accessible information and real-time, it is then possible to offer an experience completely unique and personalized. Bold360 is a first interesting step in this direction, and we look forward to seeing what LogMeIn account in the future. ”

The characteristics of Bold360 :
· Intuitive interface – agents have the necessary information to quickly solve their problems by consolidating data from different systems, and presenting a unified view of all customer interactions. They can work on different channels while viewing a full history of all interactions of the individual they are taking care of.

· No code integration – Through the integration of various enterprise systems popular such as Salesforce and Zendesk, the information is contained directly in the interface of Bold360 without that there is need to switch between multiple applications.

· A commitment omnicanal world-class – Interact easily with customers on a variety of channels, including live chat, Facebook Messenger, e-mail, etc Bold360 ensures appropriate engagement in relation to the level of support needed, all this without a transfer awkward to other colleagues. The solution retains the context of conversations on different channels to help agents deal with issues quickly.

· Intelligent automation – agents can now answer common questions, but also to create, keep and manage their responses. The system becomes intelligent with time, and may be used for tools of interaction, self-service, or to inform agents on an interaction-assisted.

· Remote assistance – Thanks to the capabilities of remote control, file transfer, and cobrowsing solution, agents can move to remote assistance, all from a single interface in order to increase their efficiency and quickly solve customer problems.

“When we look at the capacity of engagement of the tools of traditional CRM, there is an important gap,” says Paddy Srinivasan, ceo of solutions for customer engagement and support. “The traditional management of customer interactions is no longer sufficient in the face of changing expectations. Bold360 assists companies in their interactions and also creates profiles of intelligent and to inform decision-making. The brands can offer the recommendation appropriate at the right time according to the set (and not a mere subset) of the information on these previous interactions. The solution evolves and acquires constantly new features. The customer profiles generated will continue to grow and will become business critical services customers around the world. ”

Price and availability
Bold360 is available today. The price depends on the extent of deployment and use case scenarios.

The portfolio of solutions and commitment to customer support LogMeIn
LogMeIn provides solutions leaders, enabling knowledge workers to offer interactions that are more human, personalized, and intelligent, and to ensure support on all digital channels and devices. They can thus increase their satisfaction rate and their customer engagement, and increase their productivity. More than 50 000 companies are based on the portfolio of customer engagement from LogMeIn to manage more than 200 million interactions annually.

About LogMeIn, Inc.
LogMeIn, Inc. (NASDAQ: LOGM) simplifies the way people communicate among themselves and with the world around them to generate meaningful interactions, deepen relationships and create better outcomes for individuals and businesses. LogMeIn is one of the top 10 global providers of software as a service and one of the leaders on the market of communications and conferences, identity and access, as well as support solutions, and customer engagement. LogMeIn has millions of customers in virtually all countries of the world. LogMeIn is headquartered in Boston and has offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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