Liquefied natural gas : Engie discussing with Total to sell certain activities

The transformation of Engie (ex-GDF Suez) continues. After you have decided to sell 15 billion euros of assets between 2016 and 2018, the group is preparing to transfer part of its portfolio of liquefied natural Gas (LNG). Total is in negotiations to carry out this acquisition. “At this stage, it cannot be guaranteed that the discussions with the counterparties, including Total, will lead to an agreement “, makes clear, however, Engie.

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Why LNG does it matter ?

The LNG (LNG in English) refers to natural gas converted to liquid state after cooling to a temperature of approximately -161°C. This process allows to transport the gas by ship rather than by pipeline, and over very long distances. Thus, for example, that the gas of Qatar is exported, mostly to South Korea or Japan.

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