Lime continues to pursue its strategy of international expansion

Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Seattle, San Francisco… Born in 2017, the society of american Lime, which installs and rents scooters electric in the cities, has already deployed in a hundred of the common north american and european. “We are aiming for 150 cities by the end of the [2018],” says Caen Countee, the director in charge of the international expansion of the californian start-up, in Paris, Monday, 1st October.

With four entrepreneurs of chinese origin, this Brazilian has participated in the creation of Lime, which they plan to impose as ” the multimodal platform of mobility is essential in order to transform the city “. If many actors of the SNCF at Uber, via Google, have exactly the same ambition for many years, Lime has demonstrated some expertise in the urban transport of the last mile.

Thanks to the application, it is possible, depending on the city, rent bikes, electric bikes or scooters. In a few months, the SME has raised 467 million ($402.7 million euros), including Google and Uber, which adds value to the company of 500 people to 1.1 billion dollars ! This speed has enough unseated, including the cities that have seen thousands of new vehicles to two wheels to roll out onto their sidewalks for less than a year.

“We deploy in respect of the legality ”

“When we launch in a market, ensures Caen Countee, we are going to see the local authorities to find a way to deploy in respect of the legality. Our ambition is to establish ourselves in a sustainable way. To do this, he must build a bond of trust not only with the local authorities, but also with the population. “

In fact, in Paris, Lime has signed the charter of good conduct signed between the city Hall of Paris and the actors in the free floating (and bicycle…

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