“Like BMW and Mercedes, the Volvo is caught in the trap of its ambitions in the u.s. “

Chronic Losses & profits. Florence was the first to be invited to the annual ball of the hurricanes of the east Coast of the United States. It may not be the most evil, but the inhabitants of Charleston, the chief city of South Carolina, to take their precautions. The industrial also. At Volvo, we close the curtains and was evacuated. Factory brand new, opened in June, is the first of the Swedish brand in the country of Uncle Sam and the symbol of its new ambitions in the world. Long, long “station wagon” (breaks) have been ring-fenced for obsessive safety. The mark of the young pregnant women, it was said. But now, his new 4 × 4 urban, the famous SUV, beautiful as the young executives connected to Chicago or New York, the followers of luxury brands european. Those hesitate now between BMW, Mercedes and Volvo at the time of choice.

As to better monitor, these three have all decided to locate in the same place in South Carolina, a State in welcoming, with wages moderate, and absence of strong trade unions. BMW has installed in the north-east of Charleston, its largest factory in the world. But this eldorado for large bodies of europe is in the process of taking the water, even before Florence came into its truckloads of rain. Since Donald Trump has declared a trade war with China and Europe, the southern adventure turns into a nightmare. Last episode in date, the decision of Volvo to postpone sine die its introduction on the stock Exchanges of Stockholm and hong Kong.

Rescued by a Chinese

This was to be the symbol of the return of the brand, founded in 1927 in Gothenburg to open new markets for ball bearings giant SKF. Become a giant of the truck, the company sold its car division to the american Ford in 1999. The latter has never found the formula for success and has sold the former star of the industry scandinavian…

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