Levothyrox : Merck KgaA forced to make available to the 190,000 boxes of the old formula

The German laboratory Merck KGaA said on Wednesday, October 4 in a press release that 60,000 additional boxes of Euthyrox, the old formula of Levothyrox, en route to France where they will be available at the end of the week. Imported from Germany, the 130,000 boxes of 100 tablets Euthyrox in 8 different assays are already available since Monday for the 22,000 pharmacies in France.

This measure was announced on 15 September by the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, face the wrath of patients reporting side-effects attributed to the new form of Levothyrox.

“On the basis of the 9,000 cases announced by the minister of Health on 15 and 27 September 2017, the stock available at Merck corresponding to 90,000-treatment – 10 times more – has been imported, or the 190,000 boxes,” said the German laboratory in its press release, Wednesday.

Nearly 75,000 boxes gone in two days

Nearly half of the 130,000 cans of the old formula of the Lévothyrox, available since Monday October 2, has been sold in two days, said Wednesday the Agency of the medicine MAN.

The Agency of the medicine MAN had recommended to physicians to prescribe the Euthyrox only, and as a “last resort” for patients who complain of side effects persistent cramps, headache, dizziness, hair loss) that they attribute to the new Levothyrox.

(With AFP)

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