LÉA NATURE is based on SPIE to the migration of its e-mail

The LÉA NATURE group has chosen to migrate its e-mail system that is hosted to the cloud-based solution Microsoft Office 365 for greater collaboration and security.

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Malakoff, June 15, 2017 – The LÉA NATURE group, a French manufacturer of organic products and natural, has chosen to rely on the expertise of SPIE ICS, a subsidiary of digital services group SPIE to deploy its new e-mail system into the cloud. The challenge for LÉA NATURE is to pursue the harmonisation of its digital tools, is an essential element of its transformation to a digital one, due to its rapid external growth.

The digital accompanies the growth

The DOSI* of LÉA NATURE had to choose a communications solution unique and intuitive to support the rapid development of the group and has asked for SPIE ICS to audit its choice of migrating a mail system hosted internally to the messaging solution Microsoft cloud.

SPIE ICS has therefore carried out a mission of council on the needs, collaborative, business, and organizational LÉA NATURE in relation to the uses of messaging solutions to its employees and its objectives, productivity and development.

An in-depth transformation of the modes of work

SPIE ICS has then accompanied LÉA NATURE in the harmonization of the email under Microsoft Office 365 and their use internally. In the framework of its transformation to a digital one, the change of the e-mail system was a prerequisite to the development of methods of work of the employees of LÉA NATURE in order to foster the development of a model that is more collaborative.

Actor in full growth in France and international, pitney bowes now offers its collaborators in marketing, sales as well as in research and development, a messaging solution that is more flexible and efficient. The 200 business of the Group also benefit from a user experience facilitated in a situation of mobility.

“It is critical that our new e-mail service cloud marks the integration of new entities and promotes a model of working more cross-cutting, while respecting the ethical principles, defined by our CSR policy,” says Jean-Marc BOURREAU, head of the infrastructure & it services’ and member of the ethics committee of LÉA NATURE group. “The intervention of SPIE ICS allows us to enter a new phase of our transformation the digital. ”

Enhanced security

The collaboration between LÉA NATURE, and SPIE ICS also helps to oversee in-house digital uses. One of the crucial issues for the Group is to minimize the practices of so-called “Shadow IT**” and strengthen its level of cyber-security.

The LÉA NATURE group invests 10% of its resources in the research, development and quality on all its sub-sectors. A better policy of prevention of risk, contributes to the protection of strategic innovation within the company.

“Participate in the transformation to digital of LÉA NATURE, an important player in the agri-food sector, the bio, is for us an exciting challenge,” comments Vincent Magnon, managing director of SPIE ICS. “This transaction illustrates the ability of our teams to understand the technological uses of our customers, regardless of their sector of activity. It also demonstrates our ability to implement complex solutions, taking into account their operational impact and human. ”

* DOSI : Directorate of Operations and Information Systems
** Use of information systems and communication is not authorized by the DSI and the bearer of risks to the security of the economic activities of the company

Family-owned company and independent, LÉA NATURE has been created in 1993 by Charles Kloboukoff. Based near La Rochelle, france, designs, manufactures, and distributes more than 1,000 organic products and natural food and diet, beauty and hygiene, food supplements, and environmentally friendly cleaning products. It has 11 production facilities in France, including 9 in organic food. In 2016, it has achieved a turnover of 231 million euros, a growth of 28 % and employs 880 people. LÉA NATURE work for the respect of the environment since its inception and adheres with its brands bios to the Club 1 % for the Planet.
www.leanature.com – Twitter @LeaNature

A subsidiary of digital services group SPIE in France, SPIE ICS is specialized in services related to ICT infrastructure, from the environment to users until the data center. His vocation is to “co-construct” with its customers, ETI and major accounts, innovative services tailored to their professions, to support the transformation to digital and simplify the digital experience.
With 3 200 employees and 60 branches in France, SPIE ICS designs, implements and maintains ICT infrastructure through a comprehensive offer of services : consulting & engineering, project & integration, managed services & maintenance, cloud & managed services. It has 5 areas of expertise technology for installations of energy-saving and environment friendly : unified communications & collaboration, IP infrastructures & security, data center, environment, users, Smart buildings & the internet of things.

On his segment France
SPIE supports its customers through the 5 regional subsidiaries of proximity* and 3 national subsidiaries of specialty**. With 16 000 employees in close to 300 sites, SPIE has carried out on its segment in France with a turnover of 2.2 billion euros in 2016.
* SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest, SPIE Est, SPIE Sud-est, SPIE Sud-Ouest, SPIE Ouest-Centre.
** SPIE Facilities (maintenance of the buildings and FM), SPIE CityNetworks (networks and telecoms), SPIE ICS (digital services).

About the SPIE group
With nearly 600 sites in 38 countries and 38,000 employees, the SPIE group has achieved, in 2016, a consolidated turnover of 5.1 billion euros and an EBITA statement for 352 million euros.

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