Law Covenant : “The entrepreneurs would like to be able to spend dictates the administrative and political “

[The law Covenant, soon to be presented to the council of ministers plans to sign “the social and environmental issues” in the status of companies]

Forum. So this is a new law that will concern the companies : act, Pact, Plan of action for growth and business transformation. With its pane the more mind-blowing : the proposal for an evolution of the very definition of the enterprise in the civil code, in order to emphasize that the purpose of the enterprise is not only economic and social. It is also societal : at the service of the employees – ensuring a better sharing of value creation, consumers, citizens, and more largely of the inhabitants of the Earth – ensuring a better protection of the environment.

This broad initiative will be in any case caused much ink to flow : called upon to make their contribution, more than 11,000 contributors have sent in their proposals.

The idea here is not to add yet another contribution, quite the contrary. It would be better to say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Want to push the entrepreneurs to the societal commitment, and sharing with their employees, is to forget that they are already doing for a large majority, and that this dynamic is inscribed in their genes.


No, entrepreneurs are not guided by the sole desire to win more money. And the first years of hassle they go through to climb up and develop their project are not really periods where they are enriched. But, to know it, it must not look that large groups and companies of respectable size, which represent two-thirds of the creation of wealth and 50 % of the jobs in our country, but only 0.1 % of French companies. It is necessary to go and discuss with 99.9 % remaining who take risks every day and that, hopefully, will represent the…

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