Law Covenant and social finance, ” an appointment not to be missed “

Forum. The bill Pact (action plan for growth and business transformation) [currently in discussion in the national Assembly] has a very high number of measures designed to strengthen the place of the company in the company.

One of the most emblematic, it should be noted the simplification thresholds, the social, the inclusion of a social mission and/or environmental conditions in the corporate purpose of the companies willing to do so, the representation of employees in the boards of directors, the extension of the devices of profit-sharing and participation for SMES with a substantial reduction of the social contribution, the development of employee share ownership, the harmonisation of retirement savings plans.

Designed for the private sector-profit making, this project of law includes little measures to encourage the social and solidarity economy (SSE). However, if the government and the Parliament took this ambition, this project could boost the development of the solidarity finance through four sets of provisions, and thus make the SSE’s capacity to change scale.

First, the extension and improvement of the system of employee savings, which represents two-thirds of the outstanding solidarity savings, would help to maintain the dynamic of this collection of savings observed over the past ten years.

Additional sources of funding

Secondly, the harmonisation of retirement savings plans would provide the opportunity to generalize an offer solidarity to all of these savings systems, by extending the formula that made the success of the savings of wage solidarity.

Third, the amendment of the scheme of the life insurance would allow the president of the Republic to honor his campaign promise to support the development of solidarity finance and, in particular, to require the insurers to submit,…

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