Law Covenant : “A unique opportunity for promoting new models of development “

Forum. While Nicolas Hulot, minister of the environment resigned, recalled, precisely on 28 August that the situation ” at the time when the planet becomes an oven, worth is found and that change of scale, change of scope, change of paradigm, we, as citizens, investors, entrepreneurs, organizations of public utility and consumers, we believe that the success of the ecological and social transition is necessary based on a new type of companies that develop, preserving the ecological capital and social of mankind, and relies on a sustainable business model that ensures in the first place, a better distribution of wealth.

Ten years after the subprime crisis and the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the fortune accumulated of the 500 richest in France represents 30% of GDP, compared to 10% in 2009 : wealth is concentrated, the energies are becoming increasingly rare, while we are more and more numerous : can we continue like this to meet the needs of all, to do better with less ?

Together, we hope to succeed in a new challenge : to support the emergence and the rise of social enterprises and green, and promote more widely a real dynamic of engagement of more companies that are aware of this emergency and social climate to meet the basic needs of the largest number of people and preserve our planet.

Lack of clarity of the State

For the past ten years, we have not only found the negative externalities of the current economic development, we have developed strong models of economically and socially to meet the challenges of tomorrow and create jobs everywhere in France.

However, no clear incentive for the State encourages enterprises that are born to choose modes of operation for making a bet on the share and that will be at the heart of their model…

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