“Lagardère Sports or Spotify, dirty, time for intermediate “

Losses & Profits. It is a beautiful dream that goes up in smoke one day. As a world Cup final marred by bad choices. Losing the media rights of the asian football confederation, at the same time or opens the World to Moscow, Lagard * re Sports ruin of his last hopes in a sector that had to carry the ambitions of the group.

The Chinese – who decreed that the round ball was now within the purview of national sovereignty – could not pass up such an opportunity. A stroke of billions of dollars, they took out the little frenchman, who is likely not to recover from this affront.

Yet, the vision of Arnaud Lagardère to build an empire in the sport business was just. The spectacle of a football match or a car race is today the most highly prized of all the media groups in the world. But the strategy chosen, which was to become an indispensable agent, the rights holder of multiple clubs and federations, and selling them to broadcasters, was not good.

At the time of the internet, the more need for middlemen taking their margin in the passage. Professional athletes, and their managers have understood that it was far more juicy to negotiate directly with the broadcasters, the media or Internet platforms. And they consider it strategic to deal directly with the content producers, whether they are football club, star of the song or movie producer.

Produce its own content

It is this that is trying to figure out Spotify. The Swedish-based company that has revolutionized the music through its platform for online listening, enjoys a world domination is overwhelming, and, yet, it continues to lose money. Conversely, its equivalent in the video, Netflix, and collects the profits and its valuation now exceeds that of the media giant Disney.

The difference between…

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