Lagardère disengages media and sport

“We are in the process of putting in place a landmark change for the group. “Thursday, may 3, at the Carrousel du Louvre, at the annual general meeting of his group, Arnaud Lagardère announced that it wanted to refocus the patchwork inherited from his father, Jean-Luc, on two poles : the edition – the “publishing” and distribution in the places of transport – the ” travel retail “. The objective is to build leaders of world and ” a more solid, strong, independent and overbearing on these two sectors “.

Responding to sharp criticism of the shareholder Arnaud Lagardère has denied any “narrowing” of the group ” Narrowing ? No. Redeployment ? Yes, ” he started, pushing back any idea of dismantling.

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The assets in the media and sport, the other two sectors in which the group is present, will be progressively sold and the money thus freed up will be invested to support the shift in focus around publishing and distribution in the places of transportation, ” said Arnaud Lagardère.

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