Lactalis : the association Foodwatch complaint in turn in the case of the contaminated milk

New complaint in the case of the contaminated milk Lactalis. This time, it is the consumer association Foodwatch, accompanied by several parents, who chose to enter the pole santé publique du tribunal de grande instance of Paris, Wednesday, 14 February. This complaint follows that of Quentin Guillemain, founder of the association of victims of Lactalis, filed on December 18, against the industrial and pharmacists. Or, “for deception” of another consumer association, UFC-que choisir, December 28. Knowing that other parents have also seized the pole of public health, in charge of centralising the complaints within the framework of a preliminary investigation for “manslaughter” and “endangering the lives of others” opened on 22 December. The association of victims of Lactalis will leave, Thursday, 15 February, 30 complaints additional against Lactalis and signs of distribution.

Foodwatch has taken the time to substantiate his complaint in this case of contaminated milk that has caused salmonellosis in 38 infants. It has identified twelve offences which is the responsibility of all the actors involved : the manufacturer, in this case the Lactalis group, the large-scale distribution, the laboratories, but also the public authorities who had a duty to control the plant. “They have all failed to fulfil their obligations relating to the prevention of health risks but also in the management particularly poor of this major food crisis. Consumers have been so deceived and children put in danger, ” according to the association.

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