Klaxoon wants to reinvent the meeting

This is an evil common and widespread in the enterprise. So widespread that he was given a name : the ” réunionite “, or even ” réunionite acute “. Its definition on the dictionary Cordial online : “the “Disease” of the meeting, which touches those who have the mania to make the meetings all about, seeing in each meeting, the means of making their claims out of the daily grind or a pleasant break better the work that is necessary “.

This harm is quantified : according to a study by OpinionWay conducted in June, one employee out of two judge of unproductive meetings in which it participates, which does not give rise in three-quarters of the cases no decision. Half of the respondents said, as well as declare take advantage of these moments to, at its choice, to move forward on other tasks, look at their emails or surf the Internet…

It is to this problem that seeks to address the start-up rennes Klaxoon, which opened on Thursday 7 December, its first boutique in Paris. His solution : a kit to digital tools designed to make the meeting less boring and to retain more effectively the attention of the audience. And, this time, smartphones are welcome around the table, as it is thanks to them (or any other terminal : PC, tablet, connected screen) that participants are called upon to make their contribution, by posting messages. These latter take the form of small notes that appear on a virtual board, that the meeting facilitator has the option to move or rearrange.

“Ideas more original ”

This mode of intervention written, according to Matthew Beucher, the founder of Klaxoon, the advantage of freeing the voices of those, many, who do not dare to take, especially in brainstorming sessions. “Some are more comfortable with writing because they feel that they have not the abilities of eloquence. And then, to the writing, it has more time to formulate their ideas, ” says the boss of the start-up.

At the time when the collective intelligence…

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